Video: The horror of The Employee Free Choice Act

Are you ready for the second coming of Hitler? Terrorists attacking? The total demise of our civilization? Well according to the people who own our money, you know the ones with the yachts who aren't having a hard time paying for their basic necessities, they say the if passed, the legislation that would make it actually reasonable for people to create a union, or join one that's already established will be the end of mankind as we know it. They really are pushing bullshit, they got the press, they got the money and they continually want more.

Remember the same people who are against the Employee Free Choice Act (US Chamber Of Commerce, Heritage Foundation, National Association Of Machinists, the union avoidance firms, etc.), are the ones who made the de-industrialization of this country a reality, it is because of their support of all things made for the least possible amount that we have poison products made in Foreign lands on our shelf's, and they constantly lobby for less regulation on every product we buy. They have made "social" a bad word, but gather round the wagons as one voice to get more 'free trade", to fight "Made in the USA", to cut taxes for the wealthy, to defeat any legislation that would benefit anyone other than their own special blend of ilk.

It is us against them. Who's side are you on?

Even though 92% of almost 84,000 people polled at Parade magazine believe that America needs labor unions, those elite bastards I spoke of above keep spreading their lies about how "unions force jobs overseas", they thrive on fear and last week, when Hershey's opened it's new York Peppermint Patty plant in Mexico dropping over 300 good jobs in our country, you will not hear a peep out of those shills about how the minimum wage there is only $3.60 a day. They pretend to be on the side of the people when in reality they wouldn't care if we ate dirt sandwiches like the people who make our clothes do in Haiti to stave off the hunger pains. Have you ever wondered why these anti-American "astro-turf" agencies haven't run nationwide television campaigns to lobby for the end of illegal immigration? Because they are making killing off of it. Now child labor is making a comeback, and their pockets get fatter. In the words of the Disposable Heroes Of Hiphoprisy, "We'll give the rich a giant tax loophole, leave the poor living in a poop hole"

That leads me to the last article I read "One in Four Chance Workers Will be Fired When Forming A Union" over at the AFL-CIO blog, there was a fella speaking against The Employee Free Choice Act, of course he didn't mention that he was the CEO of the "Consumer Electronics Association", he used a portion of the anti-EFCA talking points, the ones those other elite bastards preach, so I just had to post this video by the folks over at SEIU:

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