US Chamber Of Commerce against Made In USA provisions

The concept it (US Chamber of Commerce) fails to grasp is that there already is a trade war and the United States is being severely beaten.-Craig Harrington from video

The US Chamber of Commerce is a private group and is not a Federal agency, they lobby for the needs of the largest US corporations.

Besides being completely anti-union and staunchly against The Employee Free Choice Act, the US Chamber Of Commerce is one of the biggest lobbyist of unadulterated free trade. It is very unfortunate because the idea behind the Chamber of Commerce would be a good one if they just weren't trying to rape the American public and workforce. This is in no way a slight to the more favorable regional Chamber's who's members are local businesses, but on the top, the US COC, the needs of the Wal-Mart's, the McDonald's, the Home Depot's and their like minded ilk are priority number one.

Video is from an article at Economy in crisis entitled "Chamber of Commerce Leading Congress Astray"

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The economics policy institutes adds in "Big business lobbies for importers"

Multinational companies such as General Electric and Caterpillar, and their allies in the Chamber of Commerce, are attacking “Buy American” provisions included in the economic recovery bill passed by the House on January 28th. They claim that these provisions will provoke a “trade war” with foreign governments, but foreign governments have long histories of supporting their own domestic companies. These companies are self-interested, simply wanting unlimited access to imports, many of which are illegally subsidized and unfairly traded. U.S. and foreign multinational companies (MNCs) were responsible for nearly two-thirds of all U.S. imports in 2006, as shown in the chart below. U.S. firms led the way with $678 billion in imports, 36.4% of all U.S. goods imports. Foreign MNCs pulled in an additional $482.4 billion in goods, 25.6% of the U.S. import bill.

MNC Share of US imports

Companies like Caterpillar, which will benefit from billions of dollars of infrastructure spending in the stimulus package, want unfettered access to cheap steel from countries like China, which poured more than $15 billion into energy subsidies into that sector in 2007 alone. Chinese steel imports more than doubled between January and November, while U.S. steel production fell nearly 40%. The Chamber of Commerce, which also opposes further “Buy American” provisions, represents the interests of U.S. companies like Caterpillar and IBM as well as foreign multinationals like Toyota and Siemens, all represented on its board of directors. Congress has finally realized that what’s good for big business is not always good for America, and that new rules are needed to rein in runaway corporations. That’s real progress.

Here's a tidbit from "U.S. Corporations Against Buying American"
Free trade” has only served to allow the nation’s trade deficit to explode to uncontrollable levels, killed jobs, armed economic rivals with the means to buy up American assets and businesses and allowed our shores to be invaded with toxic products from Third World nations.
gspencer writes in a comment to "Chamber of Commerce Leading Congress Astray"
"United States Chamber of Commerce:"
I really believe that we must preserve the economic miracle that has given our citizens one of the highest living standards in the world. This economic miracle has not been due to the efforts of the members of the US Chamber of Commerce, who include Importers, middlemen, Wall Street criminals, Stock Market Gamblers, Real Estate Speculators, Economists, Insurance Salesmen, Junk Bond Salesmen, etc., and very few firms that contribute to correcting our balance of trade. Todays USA standard of living was created by the Agricultural and Industrial Base that produced the food, goods, services and other items that we consumed, plus an excess of these goods & services that were produced and then sold to other foreign countries in order to accumulate the US gold reserves through a positive balance of trade surplus payments. Our gold reserves are the basis of the value or buying power of our currency. This was (is) true of all of the currencies in the world.

Only a positive balance of trade will restore the value of the dollar, and we must accomplish this by any means possible, or accept third world poverty on a large scale basis. Riots and insurrection are predictable, ala the French Revolution, when the people find their situations economically hopeless.
Big thanks to Mainstream Populist Democrats for the head's up on the video and the site:

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