Does America still need unions? Go vote at parade magazines poll

Mike Eastman over at the US Chamber of Commerce has the balls to state "The workplace is much better today," and "Employers know they need to offer certain benefits and good wages to keep good workers."

I don't know what planet Mike Eastman lives on, all I can hope is that one day his innocent children do not need to live in a world brought to you by the US Chamber Of Commerce.

91% of the public seem to disagree with Eastman's blind assessment, see bottom of story

but Joe Sudbay over at America Blog says it best:
The U.S. Chamber of Commerce is headquartered across Lafayette Park from the White House. For the past eight years, the Chamber had open access to the Bush administration and called the shots. The group wanted less regulation -- and got it. So, the Chamber had a big hand in creating today's economic climate, which is a nightmare for most workers.

The Chamber is, no surprise, leading the opposition to the Employee Free Choice Act. In this weekend's Parade magazine, a top official with the Chamber explained the group's opposition to that legislation:
Others contend that unions have outlived their usefulness. “The workplace is much better today,” says Michael Eastman of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. “Employers know they need to offer certain benefits and good wages to keep good workers.”
It takes someone living in the bubble of the Chamber of Commerce to think the workplace is much better today. Compared to what? The days when there were no labor laws? The Chamber sets the policy for the Republicans on the Hill so it's no wonder all those GOP knuckleheads don't get the economic crisis.

The reality is that today's workplace sucks for many workers -- if they still even have their jobs. Unemployment is skyrocketing. Workers are not losing their jobs, but their health care benefits. 401ks are tanking. But, the Chamber doesn't want workers to organize. The Chamber and the Wall Street CEOs, working hand in hand with the Bush administration and the rest of the GOP, did enormous damage to the workplace. That crowd doesn't want workers to have any kind of job security, which is exactly why workers need the ability to organize. And, unions don't just help union members. They make life better for most workers:
Professor Clete Daniel, a labor expert at Cornell University, says a revived labor movement could benefit workers both in and out of unions. “ There is definitely a need for forces that promote a fairer sharing of wealth,” he says, noting that the gap between America’s rich and poor is the largest it’s been since 1928. Over the last 75 years, unions helped secure benefits like unemployment insurance, Social Security, and the 40-hour workweek.
Don't for a second think that the Chamber, aided by its allies in the GOP, wouldn't take that all away. Don't for a second think they wouldn't. That's why they're all so apoplectic about the Employee Free Choice Act. They think everything is just fine. And, they don't want an even playing field for America's working men and women.
Going back to Parade Magazines comments, right off the top a few hit home, many of them deserve their own article, here's the first 2:

Working without unions
I live in Texas, a right to work state, just the word union around a job can cause you to be fired. Though my husband worked for one of the few Union''s in TX, Steel Workers.

While I made more per hour being an RN, I had no workman's comp, no retirement other then what I could save in IRA (which was very little), we could be fired for refusing to come in on days off, worked 12 hour shifts and rare if we got lunch break much less any break. My insurance rates were higher (almost double then his).

Right to work really means right to fire without reason, under pay, forced overtime, very few companies pay into unemployment, and if injured on the job you only get medical treatment--nothing to help pay bills while off work. Bascially the boss can do whatever he pleases and worker has little or no recourse.

Do we need unions? From a person who has lived both sides, I would yell a big loud YES.

I could see why CEO's and stock holders would hate to lower their living standards by standing up for unions. After all who would want to decrease multi-million dollar salaries and perks for those who break their backs to provide them with it.

We definitely need unions
Do not be complacent about unions. They are needed as much if not more so than they were one hundred years ago. Do you think the government gave workers a minimum wage, retirement, vacations, OSHA, health insurance? No, unions had to fight for these rights just as much as they have to fight for them today. If unions were suddenly defunct, you can bet workers would be working in squalid conditions equal to that of the 19th and early 20th centuries with wages that can't keep a dog alive. Why do you think there is so much corporate flight? Companies do not want to pay workers a living wage so the CEO's can keep the biggest chunk of the pie right in their greedy little pockets. Companies want the laws to stay the way they are since there is little incentive to change, and the punitive amount is in 1930s economy values. The fines need to reflect the 21st century and not the 19th. Plus, nearly 80 percent of all non union workers polled have said they would join a union if they could
The American public has weighed in.

According to Poll Daddy, the hosting company for the poll, there have been 46,209 voters so far.

Ninety One percent of the voters
over at Parade magazine have voted that we need unions, so go tell Eastman and his cronies what you think by taking the poll, let the world know that we don't want our families to live in the version of the world that the US Chamber Of Commerce would create.

UPDATE: With now over 70,000 voters, 91% agree we need unions!
Link, search for "unions", there's a few polls

Oh and I snatched the poll, it's on the right hand side of the site

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