America's workers lose fight to compete with Mexico wage of $5 a day, Hershey's plant looses 300 jobs in Peppermint Patty factory move

What will the next news story be? "Tainted Peppermint Pattie recall". They are also exporting Zagnut, 5th Avenue, and Jolly Rancher. 5th Avenue if I recall is in a great American city and it won't quite be the same. - writer over at The Truth Hurts

No one in this country can compete with a $5 a day minimum wage, so think about that when your gonna buy a box of york Peppermint Patty's.


One of my first stories I ever wrote on the internet was about Hershy's moving across the border, while this article centers around the Reading, PA plant, across the US and Canada over 1,500 good jobs, union and otherwise are in the process of moving to Mexico

According tofatdaddye, who spent time in Montterey, the minimum wage is just $5 a day. There is no American worker who can compete with that. Wasn't NAFTA supposed to bring up the conditions of the people in Mexico to our standard?

EDIT: pendejadas over at reddit just informed me that due to the increase in the value of the USD aginst Mexican currency, the minimum wage is now only valued at $3.60

From The Teamsters site:
Pennsylvania Peppermint Patty Plant Closes as Production Moves Across Border; 300 Workers in Reading, PA are Latest Victims of NAFTA Race to the Bottom

Today, Teamsters General President Jim Hoffa denounced the Hershey Food Corporation’s (NYSE: HSY) closing of its plant in Reading, Pennsylvania, leaving nearly 300 workers out in the cold. Hershey’s plan to move the jobs to a Monterey, Mexico plant shows how unfair trade deals like NAFTA continue to harm American workers.

The plant’s closing continues a disturbing trend for a city that has already lost more than one-fourth of its good-paying manufacturing jobs since January 2001. Of the workers losing their jobs, 50 are Teamsters.

“That plant stood for decades in Reading, providing countless families with good wages and job security,” Hoffa said. “Members of this community helped build that company and this is how they are repaid. Hershey’s actions are unconscionable in this economic climate.”

The Hershey plant in Reading made York Peppermint Patties and 5th Avenue bars. To date, the company has shut down six plants with this most recent closing a stage in its plan to cut 1,500 U.S. jobs.

“Pennsylvania lost nearly 60,000 jobs in the last quarter of 2008 and the estimate for the month was well over 30,000 jobs lost,” Hoffa said. “When are we going to tell companies like Hershey that enough is enough?”
Over at The Truth Hurts, in an article titled "Gone, baby gone":

A flag is flying at half-staff outside The Hershey Co. plant in Reading where production of York Peppermint Patties is ending.

After 23 years in Reading, the chocolate maker is closing the plant Friday and moving production to a new factory it has built in Monterey, Mexico. It will mean the loss of 300 jobs in the southeastern Pennsylvania city.

The plant also makes 5th Avenue and Zagnut candy bars and Jolly Rancher hard candies.

The nation's largest candy manufacturer said two years ago the plant would close as part of a wider move by Hershey to eliminate 1,500 jobs and one-third of its existing production lines, shifting more manufacturing to contractors in the U.S.

and continues:
Not a very good time to do this, nes pas? WTF Hershey? Times aren't tough enough here in the US of A. Now you are exporting jobs that are part of Americana to Mexico. What will the next news story be? "Tainted Peppermint Pattie recall". They are also exporting Zagnut, 5th Avenue, and Jolly Rancher. 5th Avenue if I recall is in a great American city and it won't quite be the same. So I won't be buying any more of these items. Corporate greed is still thriving even in times this tough. So we just shouldn't buy them. Hershey's leaving Pennsylvania? That is just so wrong on so many levels.
I urge all of my readers to spread the word, do as the writer over at Truth Hurt's is doing, a total boycott of the Hershey items listed:
  • Peppermint Patty
  • Zagnut
  • Jolly Rancher
  • 5th. Avenue
You can't make them here, we don't want em

Here is the image I made back in July of '07

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Unknown said...

We the people can, need to sustain our economy in the face of competition with global wage slavery, and thus can no longer afford to subsidize companies that choose to expatriate our wealth and work to every place that harbors such enslavement. the answer is two fold- stop voting Republicrat while boycotting the products that masquerade as American Classics, and start Union Co-ops, following the model of Mondragon! In eight years, neither the former president nor the current ever made any significant move to save our jobs,so why should we subsidize them and the republicrats,who have cushy pay and publicly funded benefits win or lose? In the case of the formerly American candies such as Hershey Chocolate, your waistline and wallet thank you!

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