Video: Kim Bobo author of Wage Theft speaking before Congress in July 2008

Wage theft is bad for America, it hurt's workers, it puts competitive employers at a disadvantage - Kim Bobo

Kim Bobo's idea in this video would seem to be a model for the Wage Watch program in New York, she is the founder and Executive Director of Interfaith Worker Justice, is the author of Lives Matter: A Handbook for Christian Organizing, Organizing for Social Change (the best-selling organizing manual in the country), and most recently the Best Seller, Wage Theft in America: Why Millions of Working Americans Are Not Getting Paid—And What We Can Do About It (December 2008).

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I learned of Kim's work over at the Religious Dispatch

Here are some of her most recent articles, gonna add her RSS to my Labor feed

A leading worker justice organizer writes a book on how and why employers are stealing from the workforce, to the tune of billions every year.

People are lined up at soup kitchens in congregations across the country. Religious communities, the first line of support for struggling families, need to be be vocal in the call to improve conditions for the American worker.

Religious leaders have joined the protest against workplace raids, urging the government to implement a rational and humane approach to immigration reform.

In which our columnist on faith and worker justice takes a family vacation — just a few weeks before Labor Day — and takes the occasion to reflect on workplace conditions across the American labor landscape...

A major union's Labor Day concession to Muslim workers sparks anti-immigrant outrage in a Tennessee town...

A rural town in Iowa is the home of the nation's largest kosher meatpacking plant, a facility that–while already under scrutiny for its poor treatment of workers and animals–was recently the scene of the largest immigration workplace raid in history...
Just found another article on Kim Bobo's new book A New Vision for the Department of Labor

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