Workers Save The Day, heroes on the Hudson

Veteran Air Force, airline safety advocate , former Airline Pilots Association(ALPA) and current USAPA member makes emergency crash landing into the Hudson River, quick action by all parties involved saves every single passenger.

155 passengers and crew of US Airways Flight 1549 are safe!

I salute all the workers who pulled off an amazing rescue in New York's Hudson River. From the veteran 40 year pilot who navigated the craft to an emergency landing, to all the ferry captains and crew members who raced to scoop up the passengers to the NYPD's Emergency Service Unit divers who grabbed the remaining passengers and pulled them to safety.

Story at NY Newsday: No shortage of heroes in Hudson emergency landing
Emergency crews and commuter ferries sprang into action from New York and New Jersey and met freezing, panicked passengers _ some of whom let out cheers when the boats arrived.

"We had to pull an elderly woman out of a raft in a sling. She was crying. ... People were panicking. They said, 'Hurry up, hurry up,"' said Vincent Lombardi, captain of the first boat to get to the plane. "We gave them the jackets off our backs."

The New York City Fire Department got the first emergency call at 3:31 and was on the scene less than five minutes later. NY Waterway ferries shuttling passengers to and from New Jersey deployed within moments. In total, 14 vessels responded to the scene, with crews trained to respond to people overboard.

Across the river, Weehawken, N.J., police, firefighters and emergency medical service workers boarded ferries awaiting rush hour and headed to the plane, minutes after the pilot heroically guided the jet into the water after the engine failed.
Pictures from The New York Times (click link for full size and more images)


Pilot Chesley B. "Sully" Sullenberger, III is a true hero

I'm still amazed, so what about the pilot, here's a tidbit from examiner.com, by Ron Moore entitled "Miracle on the Hudson happened thanks to the skill and dedication of union workers " which is the first thing I thought when I was listening to the details of the rescue:

Chesley B. "Sully" Sullenberger, III, the pilot credited with landing US Airways flight 1549 gently on the Hudson River is a veteran of 40 years. The “miracle on the Hudson” is really a result of professional pilots organizing to ensure that they get the best support and training at the highest standards in the industry. Captain Sullenberger is a former safety chairman, accident investigator and national committee member for the Airline Pilots Association (ALPA). His ALPA safety work led to the development of a Federal Aviation (FAA) Advisory Circular.

The next time you see the scurrilous advertising by the opponents of the Employee Free Choice Act, remember they are insulting union members like Captain Sullenberger. From the pilots, to the flight attendants to the members of the FDNY, the “miracle on the Hudson” happened thanks to the skill and dedication of union workers.
More info via Google News:
NY divers, ferries plucked air passengers from river
Reuters - 33 minutes ago
By Ellen Wulfhorst NEW YORK (Reuters) - Passengers from the US Airways plane that crash-landed in New York's Hudson River huddled on the wings in freezing ...
A Quick Rescue Kept Death Toll at Zero
New York Times, United States - 44 minutes ago
By MICHAEL WILSON and AL BAKER The police divers found two women, going limp, with minutes to live in the frigid waters between New York and New Jersey. ...
Text Message: ‘I Landed in the Hudson’
New York Times, United States - 44 minutes ago
By JAMES BARRON Sheikh Ali was at Charlotte-Douglas International Airport on Thursday afternoon waiting for Matt Kane, a co-worker aboard US Airways Flight ...
Pilot's actions make him an instant hero
Globe and Mail, Canada - 45 minutes ago
By all accounts, Chesley (Sully) Sullenberger is just the guy you'd want at the controls of a troubled and falling airplane. A seven-year Air Force veteran ...
'A miracle on the Hudson'
Globe and Mail, Canada - 48 minutes ago
NEW YORK — Jeff Kolodjay could hardly have picked a better time to head south for a golf trip. Temperatures had dipped to -10 – easily one of the coldest ...

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Steven said...

That is pretty amazing, landing the plane on the water safely is one thing....but I never would have imagined people being calm enough to exit the plane without injury. I don't know what the flight crew did to keep this orderly and safe, but it must have been pretty good.

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