Tension Rises at San Diego Unified School District Over Proposed PLA

The concept of San Diego Unified School District having a project labor agreement is starting to really heat things up here. (and you thought it was the sun) Eric Christen and his cohorts have really inflated their PR campaign and are trying to spread fear like it is butter. The Voice of San Diego has been covering the issue.

For starters Mr. Christen (someone not from my community) has resorted to name calling and ultimately threatening to recall our elected officials.
"We are targeting the three board members who are handmaidens for the union," said Eric Christen, executive director of the Coalition for Fair Employment in Construction, a group that lobbies against labor agreements. Christen added, "The public has a right to know what their school board has been up to."
This is the same guy that could not figure out how to legally qualify a ballot measure in Chula Vista. I doubt he has the skills to pull off a recall.

Well here was some more information about Mr. Christen:
Christen's group is part of a nationwide nonprofit called Congressional District Programs, a public charity that that is itself a subset of National Heritage Family. Christen earns more than $160,000 annually as a consultant to Congressional District Programs, according to its most recently available tax return. Prior to its merger with Congressional District Programs four years ago, it pulled in roughly $33,000 in revenue in a year.
Since when do consultants of non profits make more than state legislators, city council members, and over $60,000 more than the mayor of San Diego? I think his efforts and bombastic threats are the way that he justifies his salary.

Board member Sheila Jackson penned a letter to the editor supporting the agreement. You can read it here. It is on point.

Stay tuned...

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