Laborers Union Demands that the Stimulus Plan Get "Americans Back to Work"

The Laborers have rolled out an ad campaign to push the economic stimulus to create jobs. There seems to some parts of the stimulus plan that are developing that are not going to provide jobs. Well the Laborers have a response and a solution.

A copy of the press release can be found here.
“Working Americans need paychecks, not stimulus checks”

LIUNA – the Laborers’ International Union of North America – today launched an effort to increase the share of job-creating investment in the economic recovery plan under consideration in Congress. The effort by LIUNA, with a half-million members, will include intense member mobilization, supported by TV ads initially in Washington, D.C. and four states.

LIUNA General President Terence M. O’Sullivan will deliver automated phone messages to members, allowing them to immediately patch-through to the office of their Senator. This effort will be supported by TV ads, which will air in Nevada, Kentucky, Tennessee, Iowa and Washington, D.C. Additional markets may be added. As the bill currently stands in Congress, less than 20 percent of the $825 billion cost will directly create jobs.

LIUNA has called the economic recovery proposal a major step forward, dedicating badly needed
resources to building America, including its roads, bridges, transit systems, schoolhouses and energy systems. However, the union believes at least a third of the package should directly create “build America” jobs.

“The current proposal is true progress, but falls short,” O’Sullivan said. “It fails to fully take advantage of the opportunity to put America back to work building the essential and long neglected basics of our country, which would leave behind real assets for future generations.”
I really like the tone of the campaign...lets hope those in the halls of power hear it.

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