Plumber's, Lather's, Workers Independent News and The Employee Free Choice Act

<--Wage Watch, NY Dept. of Labor reaches out to grass-roots campaign to fight wage violations

"the Employee Free Choice Act, because all American's who work hard to make this nation great ought to be payed fairly for their labor and allowed to choose who represents them"

WIN Radio, check em' out

Workers Independent News is the independent labor radio show founded by Frank Emspak in 2000, with the aim of broadening the availability of high-quality, worker-oriented news on commercial and community radio. Frank, along with many other dedicated journalist's, advocates and producers has done a fantastic job of getting workers new out to the public. I have chatted with Frank a few times, and know the dedication he has to getting the word out about labor. Frank along with Doug Cunningham, the voice of WIN, have always been very supportive of Joe's Union Review. As a matter of fact it is one of the first sites dedicated to labor which I came across. Here's WIN's headlines from the past week which was airing from Jan.23-25 (download MP3):

Just recently Frank let me know that there is a free phone number to get WIN on your cell phone, I have a bit of a hard head so I had to ask a few times how exactly is it free? It seems that there are a few area codes that are saved for "absolutely free' phone communications. You can get Workers Independent News directly on your cell phone 100% FREE, just call 425-527-7001

New York Construction unions support WIN, launch site and urge President Obama to support The Employee Free Choice Act

Two of New York's construction unions, the Metallic Lathers and Reinforcing Iron Workers Local 46 and the United Association Plumbers Local 1, http://img412.imageshack.us/img412/3807/logobridgetc8.gifhave teamed up to sponsor Workers Independent News so the independent show can get some airtime on the local news station 1010WINS AM here in New York. In one of their most recent promo ad's leading up to the Workers Independent News clip's, which aired during the week of President Barack Obama's inauguration, both the Plumbers and Lather's while congratulating newly elected President Obama, urge both him, Congress and the American people "to support the Employee Free Choice Act" stating "because all American's who work hard to make this nation great ought to be payed fairly for their labor and allowed to choose who represents them"http://img156.imageshack.us/img156/9794/ualogorl7.gif
The 30 second clip ends with "Free choice, after all, isn't that what this country is all about?"

Here's the clip, hosted on The Internet Archive

It's great to hear our construction unions stand up for all worker's, and it's great that we are getting the benefit of hearing a little clip of the Worker's Independent New's program on the highest rated radio news program here in New York. Unfortunately the slot is limited to 30 seconds due to costs of the airtime.

The alliance between WIN, New York's construction unions and their contractor's has spawned a brand new website, called A Union Built New York, whose mission is:
a new web resource for learning about union labor's role in building a better New York.

Each day you'll find updated Headline News Briefs on Labor Union stories that impact our city and our country. You can listen via streaming audio, or download to an iPod of other mp3 player for listening later. You can also email stories to your friends.

In addition to the latest Labor News, we're developing in interactive map of major union construction sites around the Greater New York Area, as well as a series of feature stories on Union Labor's contribution to our region's economic well-being.

You'll also find links to definitive listings of union-affiliated contractors, and facts and figures on how union construction can save you time, money, and aggravation.
While the site is under construction, it's shaping up nicely, with many of the WIN headline news being hosted there already, I have gotten word that a list of contractor's for the Lather's and Plumbers is being worked on and we will see the interactive map in the near future. The site is being built by our friends at Prometheus Labor Communications.

Here's the latest New York Headlines from WIN which are hosted at A Union Built New York, of course the internet is a never ending Rubik's cube to me and I have to mess around with yet another widget, so enjoy.
Click the arrow next to the headphone, for those not seeing the widget, check out the page at Spring Widget's for more info.


Workers Independent News can use more help

Of course what Worker's Independent News really needs is more sponsors, without money they do not exist. It's great that the New York construction unions are contributing, in fact the Concrete Alliance, the NYC District Council of Carpenter's(UBC) and the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers(IBEW) Local 3 have all been sponsors in the past year, but the sponsorship only spreads so far due to the production and airtime expense.

One of the easiest ways to sponsor WIN is for your local union to purchase WIN's headlines for their own site, the rates are reasonable, starting at $150 a year for organizations with fewer than 500 members to the highest donation of $1500 for organizations with 5001+ members, please take a look at WIN's subscription page for more details. Help spread the word of the American worker. Help spread the solidarity.


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