Global unions behind US passage of The Employee Free Choice Act

<--Martin Luther King died in the midst of supporting workers in a struggle to form a union

spotted this over at Labourstart, the 15 million member strong UNI Global Union has issued a statement in support of The Employee Free Choice Act, they are standing in solidarity with us world wide, click the petition and send it, let's not let them down.
Passage of US Employee Free Choice Act is Key to Global Organising Drive

- Labour news from UNI global union - for trade unions in a global services economy.

UNI Global Union has pledged the support of its 15 million members to build a worldwide solidarity campaign for US legislation that allow workers to join unions without fear of management retaliation.

The passage of the Employee Free Choice Act in the United States will benefit workers around the globe, said UNI General Secretary Philip Jennings.

Jennings on Tuesday chaired a meeting with leaders of US unions affiliated to both the AFL-CIO and the Change to Win federation, who are working together to get the legislation passed. UNI President and UFCW President Joe Hansen and AFL-CIO President John Sweeney spoke at the opening of the meeting, which also included representatives from the International Trade Union Confederation and trade union centres from around the world.

The unions and union centres formed a task force to support joint global action to ensure the Free Choice act becomes law. They plan to use this model in other countries to support union organising and recognition.

“Having a law that protects workers’ right to unionise in the United States is vital to winning union recognition and bargaining rights world-wide,” Jennings said. “American companies have been exporting their abusive labour practices to every country they do business in and foreign companies have eagerly embraced those practices when they cross the US border. It is clear that without legislation protecting workers, multinational companies will treat workers as poorly as they can.”

If passed, the Employee Free Choice Act would give US workers a free and fair chance to form a union, hold anti-union employers accountable and force employers to stop dragging out contract negotiations.

More than half of U.S. workers—60 million—say they would join a union right now if they could but US-based companies routinely deny workers the right to form unions and bargain collectively. The current labour law in the US allows these companies to fire pro-union employees and wage intimidating anti-union campaigns before elections. Even when unionising drives are successful, companies will contest the results, which can lead to years of delays or invalidation of a pro-union vote.

US-based employers like Wal-Mart have fought unions and engaged in illegal labour practices in countries like Argentina, Mexico and China.

European-based companies have entered the race to the bottom when it comes to their labour practices in the United States. Deutcshe Telekom, which has a collective bargaining agreement with German union ver.di in its home country of Germany, has waged a vicious anti-union campaign at its American subsidiary T-mobile.

“For too long, the US has led the race to the bottom on labour rights,” Jennings said. “Passing this new law would be a major victory for US workers and, in the midst of this global recession, it is more important than ever.”

UNI is calling on its member unions around the world to tell their government leaders to urge the Obama administration to make the passage of the Employee Free Choice Act a top priority.


Anonymous said...

Employee Free Choice Now . Org
Educating The World on The EFCA.

Myth vs. Reality: The REALITY is the Employee Free Choice Act Helps American Workers and their Families.

Despite the need for reform, critics of EFCA continue to misinform the public about the bill and hide the serious shortcomings of current labor law. Democrats are committed to setting the record straight and passing this important legislation on behalf of American workers and their families.

MYTH: EFCA will prevent the use of secret-ballot elections.

REALITY: EFCA does not strip workers of their right to choose a secret-ballot election to decide whether to select -- or not to select -- a union representative. EFCA simply gives workers the additional option of selecting a union representative by majority sign-up.

Organizing For America begins with the passing of the Employee Free Choice Act.

The Employee Free Choice Act is nothing new it only reestablishes the Joy Silk Doctrine of 1949


In 1949, the NLRB's Joy Silk Doctrine established that "an employer could lawfully refuse to bargain with a union claiming representative status through possession of authorization cards only if he had a 'good faith doubt' as to the union's majority status.This policy was changed in 1966 with the ruling in Aaron Brothers, where "the Board made it clear that it had shifted the burden to the General Counsel to show bad faith and that an employer 'will not be held to have violated his bargaining obligation... simply because he refuses to rely upon cards. 'If passed, the proposed Employee Free Choice Act would return the NLRB policy to the Joy Silk Doctrine and allow employer challenges to card check elections only when illegal coercion or fraud is charged.

In 1969, Chief Justice Earl Warren delivered the majority opinion for the U.S. Supreme Court that upheld the use of card check. Warren stated, "Almost from the inception of the Act, then, it was recognized that a union did not have to be certified as the winner of a Board election to invoke a bargaining obligation; it could establish majority status by other means... by showing convincing support, for instance, by a union-called strike or strike vote, or, as here, by possession of cards signed by a majority of the employees authorizing the union to represent them for collective bargaining purposes." The Supreme Court has consistently ruled in favor of card check, and Warren cited prior affirmations in NLRB v. Bradford Dyeing Assn., (1940); Franks Bros. Co. v. NLRB,[(1944); United Mine Workers v. Arkansas Flooring Co., (1956).

For More Information on EFCA please visit our website and blog




Anonymous said...

The reality of UNI Global Union is American Unionists will dwell at the bottom of their "to Do'list while seeking membership dues worldwide from American union's competitors{other nations unions}.The ease of UNI GLOBAL'S handshake with multi-national corporations is a concern.While some UNI GLOBAL ambitions are laudable,the doctrine they present gives me pause for thought.Join me at Union Forums.org for free,uncensored debate.John Buck l.e.r.o.f. LIUNA

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