The face behind the product, YouTube video blogger explains economic theory and worker alienation

"The need for commodities compels us to work for someone else for a living, the profit we create for Capitalists compels them to compete and exploit for a living" - brendanmcooney, YouTube economic theorists

brendanmcooney, a video blogger at YouTube and the administrator of Kapitalism101 blog has some really great videos. In this series, Brendan explains how groups of workers are alienated from one another in a Capitalistic society. Well worth 20 minutes of your time.

Commodities remix 12/17/2008
YouTube Link:
This is a remake of an old video on commodities- new script, new approach, new everything.

The complete text can be read at:

Ker-plunk 9/25/2008
YouTube Link:
The sub-prime president speaks. I have translated this into "reality". See captions.
Here's some of Brendan's work on the Bush address on the sub-prime mess, you have to watch it with the Closed captions on to see Brendan's viewpoints

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