Bank Of America takes $25 Billion of our money and organizes conference call against unions

From SEIU.org

MSNBC Reports on Bank of America's Anti-Worker Conference Call
By Brad Levinson

Reaction to Sam Stein's recent Huffington Post article on Bank of America's anti-Employee Free Choice conference call has been sweeping.

Wednesday night, on MSNBC show 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., host David Shuster reported on the call during his "Hypocrisy Watch" segment. Airing some of the tape from the call, Shuster makes the following comment:

"Bernie Marcus is entitled to his opinion on unions. Likewise, every American citizen is welcome to get involved in elections - elections matter. However, Bank of America and other financial institutions helped create the financial mess that our country faces, to begin with. For Bank of America to take taxpayer bailout money in order to 'improve the company's health' and then use that money to organize a conference call and get so involved in fighting in fighting workers who are trying to improve their own financial health...that's hypocrisy and that's wrong."
Watch the clip here:

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