OTB announcer to be fired, act now!

Sorry I got this out so late

From the IWW site:
ACT NOW - Veteran Wobbly at risk after 32 years on the job!
Submitted by intexile on Thu, 12/11/2008 - 7:27pm.
Fellow Workers:

Many of you know FW Greg Giorgio, a Wobbly with 18 years of dedicated service to our union. Over the years, Greg has done much for and asked little from our labor union - from his stewardship of Wobbly art to participation in countless solidarity actions.

Now Greg needs some solidarity and he needs it urgently. After announcing horse races at an off-track betting site for 32 years, Greg is set to be fired on Friday - only three years before his pension will fully mature. He's being fired in retaliation for filing a labor charge against the company over excluding him from participation in collective bargaining.

Greg and his fellow workers in upstate New York are carrying out a series of actions steps, but they've asked us around the world to participate in an e-mail action at the following link: http://citizenspeak.org/node/1406

Thank you very much for taking a moment now to add your voice for dignity.

In Solidarity,

Don't Fire Greg After 32 Years of Service
Submitted by nywobbly on Wed, 2008-12-10 21:51.
John Signor President & CEO Capital Off-Track Betting Dear Mr. Signor, I write to demand that you rescind the planned termination of long-time IWW member Greg Giorgio. Greg has spent his entire adult life announcing horse races for your company. Now after 32 years of service with Capital and just three years left until his pension fully matures, you seek to throw him out of work. I am very disturbed to learn that Greg is apparently being fired in retaliation for filing a labor charge against Capital over denial of his right to participate in collective bargaining. Firing someone in retaliation for asserting protected rights is both illegal and immoral. How would you feel if you were thrown out of work after diligently doing your job over a lifetime with just three years left for your pension to mature? I expect your immediate attention to this matter.
Take action, show your support for Greg by clicking here and sending an e-mail to OTB's CEO

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