Music for the tradesman: Tig Wired

Tig Wired, who according to their website is:

TIG WIRED is music geared towards the people who work in the industrial service areas, welders, fitters, riggers, brickies, tin bashers, boiler hogs, pipefighters, inspection guys, scaffold gods and the like...you get the picture..you'll get the meaning too!!.
If you like good solid music with a taste for blues, rock, reggae and some new age stuff, then you are gonna love this site....
Gotta Be Safe

Shutdown Blues
Welders weld, and the fitters fit
Riggers rig, that’s the gist of it
Foremen push their motley crews
Boys all wear the coveralls of blue
They rhythms set everybody knows the tune
Here comes the shutdown blues

Come-a-longs and chain falls too
Sparks they fly from the gouging crew,
Flag men calls to swing out the boom

Boys all wear the coveralls of blue,
The rhythms set everybody knows the tune
For the shutdown blues

I got a buddy who can sing the blues
He drives a Hog sports mean tattoos
If we were careful we could spring him loose
And let him take us where there ain’t no dues

Toxic gas and asbestos dust
The long hard hours is killin’ us
Super-heats and the re-heats too
The boys still wear the coveralls of blue
The rhythms set everybody knows the tune
For the shutdown blues

The steam chief grins ‘cause his job’s on time
Gonna see that unit go back online
Turn a profit in a day or two
And all the boys know just what to do
The rhythms set everybody knows the tune
For the shutdown blues

I paid a visit to the house of ruin
Been here before and it ain’t nothin’ new
I caught the sunrise from the room of blues
And headed back to meet my X ray crew
I could get wired I could get black and blue
I could go crazy by the time were through
But I caught the sunrise like I always do
And headed back to do this job for you.

The x ray crew is shootin’ welds all green
Erectors happy with his mean machine
The moneys good the hole watch through
Do you catch the feeling, you get the meaning to?
The rhythms set, everybody knows the tune
For the shut down here comes the shut down
Ohh the shutdown blues

You can catch the band at their website or at:


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