300 e-mail's sent in solidarity for OTB worker, help out send some more

Over the weekend I wrote up a quick article about the Off-Track Betting announcer in Upstate New York, Greg Giorgio, who after 32 years of service was going to be discharged just 3 years before his retirement matured in retaliation for filing a labor charge against the company over excluding him from participation in collective bargaining.

After contacting Daniel Gross, an organizer for the IWW Starbucks Workers Union, I received an update and was told that we can still stand in solidarity with Greg by sending out more e-mail's to OTB. I am asking all my readers to show support. Here's what I know:
"Greg's employment status still remains at risk in his title of staff announcer at Capital District Regional Off-Track Betting Corp. -- and whether or not they will continue his employment in another title is uncertain and should be revealed in the next several days."
Good Luck Greg

Original story: ACT NOW - Veteran Wobbly at risk after 32 years on the job!

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