Unions force jobs overseas

This is a response I wrote to the ignorant mob over at the Newsvine on a story entitled "Labor unions get boost from Boeing strike", where in the first sentence the author states that the Boeing strike has:

given a shot in the arm to a weakening organized labor movement in America.

I had to remind him about his choice of wording and respond to the anti-union views I read in the comment's, here's what I had to say:


Firstly a note to the author: Last year for the first time since 1984 the union membership has risen in America, hence a strengthening labor movement is more accurate, secondly to all the people who have posted before me, and those who read afterwords:

I believe that the complacent American people have moved jobs overseas, and I'm right.

The day you all decided that the poison pet food from China was OK, the cheap plastic piece of crap toy with the lead paint from Wal-Mart was fine for your kid to put in their mouth, the day you blamed the US auto worker and not the greedy companies that used our tax money to make concept cars that got 80+ MPG over ten years ago and didn't bring it to market, that was when YOU gave our jobs overseas. When you decided to talk to Apu in India, masquerading as "Charlie" for your PC's tech support and didn't demand an American at the other end of the phone, the day you let the undocumented worker mow your lawn, that day you all closed your eyes and bought Nike sneakers that some Vietnamese guy made for a whopping $64 a month over the New Balance that was half the price and made by the head of an American family.

You watched with your head up your behind when such staples of American life as Wrangler Jeans moved to Haiti, where even the hardest of workers make less than $2 a day are forced to eat clay sandwiches with salt to stave off the hunger pains, and to such places as Bangladesh, where even the highest paid of the regular working class must stand in thousand people lines to get government subsidized rice, you still sit there idle and watch Hershey's chocolate move 1,500 jobs to Mexico for $2 an hour wages, and you allow the media to brainwash you with fluff of Paris and Britney's sniffer, you are the reason we are here today. You closed your eyes and gave our industry and our jobs away.

Don't blame the unions for the loss of good American jobs, blame yourself. You blindly point your fingers at the only institutions that try to help the American worker, because that's exactly what they want you to do.

Your ignorance disgusts me, your grandparents would slap you. They fought for what you have blindly gave away, even child labor has made a comeback, as an immigration raid in Pottsville, Iowa, which grabbed almost 400 workers in the Agriprocessors Kosher meatpacking plant, has been found to have over 30 workers who were underage, the youngest was on the KILL floor, she was 13. This year also saw how a 13 year old who was working with his father in Illinois, fell 3 stories from a forklift and watched his father die. That doesn't even mention the pregnant teenager from Mexico who died on a California vineyard because she wasn't allowed to stop for a water break. Yes, you allow that and wonder why the Salmonella has spread into out food supply, and no one in any media outlet comes to the conclusion that maybe they don't get a potty break either. You all get what you deserve, less and less. Until you get rid of your blinders and see exactly how they have sold us out, it's only gonna get worse.

So enjoy your crap from Wal-mart, your now made in China air conditioner that 1 in 10 don't work, your poison food and your self-created rat race to compete with workers that have little or no rights in foreign lands and within our own borders.

When the labor movement dies, when we must all fend for ourselves, when you must have at least 3 sources of income to survive and work 12 hours a day with no hope for a dignified retirement, don't come crying to me. Just keep your mind occupied with all the crap they throw your way and make sure your kid's can pass a test and are discouraged from critical thinking so the manager's at McDonald's and the military recruiter's can be well stocked with another group of clean slates to work with.



Bah, I just get so sick of the bullsh!t these people choose to believe. If you like what I wrote over there, hit the little up arrow below my post.

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Anonymous said...

well said!

Joe638NYC said...

Thanks Lobotero, been so busy, sorry I haven't stopped bye your blog lately, good to see your as disgusted as myself about certain aspects of our lives

They better get out and vote,
or as you say they are lazy and don't deserve us fighting for them.


ironworker said...

Thanks Joe. There are still a few of us willing to fight for our hard won rights.

richardbell said...

My god there ARE a few people left in this country who are not corporate-brainwashed morons! Nicely done, sir.

Anonymous said...

Best rant I've read in a long time! And you have links to back it up.

I'm a member of local 16, stage hands and I agree with pretty much everything here.

Much of this has become the norm. When people buy things now, they just expect that its made overseas. We really should have a huge tax on labor overseas, or a world minimum wage.

Anonymous said...

The Right Wing can't blame the Unions, a measly 7% of the private sector work force is Union today!
Post WWII, from the mid 1940's until the mid/late 1960's, this country had the best economy! Ironically, Unions were at their highest, 30- 35%. That's because the Unions created the largest middle class this country had ever seen. People were paid better, had better benefits (which kept people off the system), lived better and that large middle class spent money which was good for business. In order for business's to make money, we the millions of working people have to be able to afford to buy the very products the business's sell, or they go out of business, which almost happened to GM! This whole notion of paying people a crappy wage with no benefits or shipping everybody's job to China (a Communist country) is a race to the bottom! Wake up Right Wing Republican's, (23 States now are right to work for less, thanks to the Republican governors) you're whole way of thinking is wiping out the middle class! Wiping out the middle class is also wiping out the our tax base as well! In the early days Henry Ford more then doubled his workers salaries from $2 a day to $5 a day, when asked why, he said "I want my employees to able to afford to buy my cars"!

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