Construction of NY's greenest building on National Gegraphic's Man Made

1 Bryant Park, The Bank Of America tower

The most amazing job I have had the honor of working on is on the tube right now, I see a lot of friends. This is an amazing green structure, I'm glad I got the call right after it began(thanks Greg). My girl is gonna Tivo it for me too. I hope it's not the last great job I'm on.

The show's called Man Made and it's on the National Geographic Channel

It's airing Friday at 12:00AM (that's Fri. morning if you're like me and need to think about it)
Saturday Nov. 8th at 4:00PM
and next Thursday Nov.13th. at 5:00PM

From the NGC Man Made site
Image: Building at One Bryant Park in NYC

In the city that never sleeps, one architects dream for a greener future has been realized. The One Bryant Park building in New York City is not only going to be the second tallest building in the city, but is set to be one of the most energy efficient skyscrapers in the world. Richard Cook and his team have taken on an exhilarating challenge to transform the modern approach to green technology. Both groups envisioned breaking new ground in the arena of environmentally conscious skyscrapers, a significant step forward in a city known for massive energy consumption. Join National Geographic as we examine the trials and triumphs of erecting a skyscraper whose blueprints just might map out a new design for our planets future.

So set your Tivo's and DVR's people and get a small look into the craftsmanship of some of the worlds finest construction workers.


Anonymous said...

nice photo, its amazing to have a energy efficient building.

Joe638NYC said...

Yes, it was amazing working there, a real effort towards a building being completely self-sufficient, it's pretty close. I would also like to see a ban on all foreign material, unless no local material is available, in the near future. A truly amazing building indeed.

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