Young Con Ed worker dies in Brooklyn manhole blast.

RIP George Dillman
A sad day in Brooklyn, my heart goes out to the family of Mr. Dillman, and to Mr.Penny, who I'm sure is devastated by the fact that there was nothing he could do to help. It's a dangerous job out there and even when all the precautions are taken, accidents still happen.

Excerpt NY Daily News, second picture from NY Times:

A Con Edison worker looking forward to marriage next year died Thursday in a fiery manhole blast that trapped him in an underground death chamber, authorities said.

George Dillman, 26, was splicing high-voltage cables 10 feet beneath the street in Brooklyn when the explosion shook the earth around him.

His partner on the pavement above, Craig Penney, 28, tried desperately to get to the electrician, but it was no use.

"The guy down there - he didn't have a chance," said one witness, a retired cop. "He would have needed God to pull him out."
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