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Another tool for today's labor movement.

NOTE: This week I skipped the archive and went for a new automatic way of spreading information for the American worker. I added the navigation buttons at the bottom of the main post's, and a horizontally scrolling ticker at the top that shows all of the last 15 articles on the site, I removed a few images and I removed all the news feeds from the site and needed a way to display those labor friendly links, so I created something new. So I created the...


I was getting a little bogged down in RSS feeds all over my site, and I wanted a way to put all of them in one place, so I wound up searching around the net and found a nice little widget at Spring Widget, that you can customize to show a whole lot of web feeds in one neat little package. The fruits of my labor are now on the right hand side of the site.

With over 40 of my favorite labor and activist sites, and well over 500 of the latest links from those sites, this widget is fine tuned for the American labor movement. I know it needs some more fine tuning, because it has a few repeat URL's, and 1 non-working feed in it(it worked earlier). You can all feel free to save, share, customize and use this as you like, just hit the "options" button.

Here's what it can look like

Labourstart's US AND Global Newswire, the AFL-CIO blog, the CTW blog, Labor@AlterNet, PR Newswire on Labor, Talking Union, Weekly Toll, Building and Construction Trades, the IWW, latest headlines on Google News for "Labor Strike" and a large list of other independent labor and socially active websites, such as Free Press and Consumers Union are all included. I'm sure there are a lot more that aren't in there yet, but it's a lot more than I had to begin with.

You can scroll through the sites by either clicking the "Menu" button on top and picking one that you desire, or by hitting the left or right arrow to scroll through them 1 by one

You can click the "Get This Widget" at the bottom to go and edit it to the way you like it or just click the options button to share it on your site, or get the code.

A huge thanks to Spring Widget for making this little monster.

Now if only I could get the Democratic Underground Labor feed to work, and figure out a way to create a feed using certain labels from certain sites......hmmmmmmm.........

Possible drawbacks as opposed to the old format of listing the feeds separately? Longer load times, not visable to users without flash enabled.

Remember folks, Knowledge+Communication=Power, we are today's labor movement.

Next we build a forum.

EDIT: Damnit! I see some more I somehow lost in the editing, grrrrrr......

Hell, here's all the links and site's I had up this past week

Links/Sites of the day Week Ending 10/12/08
  • Boeing and USW back at the table
  • Kongsberg Automotive- F U USA
  • Striking Columbian sugar workers need supportt
  • Archive: How Kosher is Kosher?
  • DOB crane scummer on the take
  • Site: Broadcast Union News - More cutbacks in print news :(
  • TN, injured undocumented workers told "no work, no pay"
  • IMAGE: Made In China
  • SITE: Transportation Workers Solidarity Committee
  • SITE: Mainstream Populists Democrats
  • Video: That One
  • Bill Moyers: Can I Vote?
  • Site: Hard Labor
  • Does plastic make your kid have a smaller penis?
  • UAW Workers Vote
  • Video: Sarah Palin A Heartbeat Away
  • SITE: Fact Check - Just the fact's about this election
  • Labor back's Michael McMahon For Congress
  • SITE: Working Families Party
  • Starbucks union supporters treated like terrorists
  • Help A Brother Out, Will Ya?
  • Frank Zappa tears apart a couple of politico's
  • Video: McCain tie to saving and loan scandal
  • Site: A Forum For Fire Fighters
  • Calvin Explains the Economic Crisis
  • Calvin Explains the Economic Crisis

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