Joe endorses Barack Obama under the Working Families Party line

If you're like me, when you get to the voting booth, you immediately get sick of having to choose the lesser of 2 evils at the voting booth. The nicer of 2 huge criminal organizations.

While Independents are a hard runner, even such people that I respect that could have really made some changes, such as Dr. Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich, chose to be a candidate in one of the major parties, knowing fully well that you need their "membership" in today's world to even have a chance of getting elected at that high stage of the game. I mean look at Congress, only one Independent, its a scary situation, not much choice.

Good cop, bad cop. The Republican's and Democrat's know where their bread and butter are, the war chests of the big 2, but just like the "big 3", it seems they sit on changes until after the fact, and while the Democrats are the good cop in the public's eye, they still sign bad laws and raises for themselves, hurt working people, they are a rouge "good cop" and viewed as our only choice, and unfortunately for President I would have to agree, McCain's voting record against the working man and our returning veteran's is atrocious, at least it's easy to see which side he's on, a champion for huge corporations and the arch-enemy to the American worker.

On McCain's stance on my two biggest issues, the American worker and how we treat returning veterans I would have to vote for Barack Obama by default. I remember voting for Ross Perot just on his stance against NAFTA, the Bush Sr. written policy which Bill Clinton pushed against Congressional wishes into law. Look where we are now!

I watched all the good industrial American union jobs on the Queens, New York shoreline vanish, just like Ross predicted. Eight years of Bush Jr. has us embedded in a forgotten war, as long as the profiteers are in the black, nothings mentioned. Bush has waged a war on the American worker since his first unconstitutional Executive Order, which made any project that recieved Federal funding, our tax money if you are counting, inellegible to receive a "Project Labor Agreement", his latest unconstitutional Executive Order was to make any PRIVATE business that is deemed a subcontractor of a Federal contract ineligible to recognize it's memberships wishes to be in a union via a card check agreement. Explained simply that even if the company/corporation agrees ahead of time to allow it's workers to decide that they want to be in a union by just having the majority of workers sign cards, it will not be legal.

Please also note that the first business association to endorse John McCain in this years Presidential bid was none other than, The Associated Building Contractors, the staunchly anti-union group of construction corporations that want to eliminate unions altogether, they have fought against prevailing wage, fought against project labor agreements and are the benefactor of workers without rights across our nation, they are the enemy of the American construction worker and they have blindingly aligned themselves with the Republican party, the ABC would be happy if they could import foreign workers to do their projects with sovereignty of retaliation by any American who chose to protest their actions, it has been in the works for years. They want to disqualify American workers and use a slave class, that is their agenda. That is not true Republican value, that is not true Conservative value, that just makes me sick.

Now how did the self-proclaimed Maverick fare with our veterans? Think about this, the young men and women who are actively fighting in this war have donated 6 times as much to Barack Obama, why you may ask? Because John McCain's record of voting for their interests has been horrible, he was against an updated version of the GI Bill, and was absent from the voting, as a matter of fact the Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America issued a report card on the candidates and John McCain has scored a D on legislation that would help our returning vets, a D, Barack Obama who has also been campaigning and missed a few votes scored a B.

Even Ron Paul has received 4 and a half more contributions from our active military than John McCain.

As a labor activist and independent writer, I feel that I must tell you how I'm voting, and I must tell you why? If Barack Obama hold onto one of his promises, even if he isn't able to accomplish any of his tasks, the worker movement in this country will be way ahead of the game as opposed to any of the John McCain measures . Barack Obama is a somewhat unknown in the circles of main stream politics, but he is not a Bush or a Clinton, he may actually have an agenda that isn't just give the corporations everything they want on a silver platter, and possibly make life better for the people in these United States. One thing is for sure, that if he gets elected he will owe it to labor to make sure that our issues are heard.

I will hold accountability to labor to make sure that we are heard, or will call for new leadership, we can never allow another NAFTA fucking in my lifetime, we can never allow a wholesale sell off of the industries we have left and we must encourage businesses that sell stuff here, to make it here, with good paying American jobs. Barack Obama has already taken stands against contractors in Chicago when they misclassified workers to avoid American workers and pay them below wage, I am hoping that he will continue in his stance against illegal activities like that.

One of the most scary ideas on John McCain, is his amnesty plan, which didn't have wording to stop the influx...to which I scream, what part of making those that are already here citizens makes you think that the next one that enters will not undermine him? A really failed policy which he has abandoned.

Not to mention the fact that McCain want's me to pay the tax burden of my employers health insurance plan as my own taxable income, are you fucking kidding me an man who claims "why should anyone's tax get raised in this economy?" is going to make me pay tax on something that is exempt now? and I wouldn't even be able to get the $2,500/$5,000 tax credit if my employer supplies the policy!

Does Barack Obama scare me, sure he does, I didn't like him voting for the FISA and Bailout bill, does John McCain scare me, oh yeah, along with those measures he has voted against the interests of the American worker 100% of the time, so I would say he is a lot scarier. Hell if I were one of the spin doctoring idiots on the campaign, I would have to say that John McCain is an economic terrorist, his policies and the wishes of those who have invested interests in him this election will cause much fear and panic for the American working family.

I am voting for Barack Obama and how I'm gonna do it

So what can I do, here's what, I'm going to vote for Barack Obama, here in New York I get to have that independent feeling, and maybe tell him exactly why.

Well this election, in New York you can send a clear message to the Big 2, a message that say's that the only reason that you are voting for this candidate is his stance on labor, on our bread and butter. On Nov.4th. in New York, you can vote for Barack Obama under the Working Families party, and it will count as a vote for him, but at the end of the day, when the ballots are tallied, and if indeed Mr.Obama does win the Presidency, he can see that you and I voted for him only on his stance for the working man.

While there are a few, not many, hiccups in some of the issues that Working Families Party are fighting for, I feel that there is a distinct agenda that is in our best interest.

Hell, we can always join the local meetings and get our voice heard. It's a new party, it's grassroots and netroots, it's not the Big 2 and it can be better if we get involved in it..

Here's where WFP stands on the issues:
The Working Families Party is fighting for a more just world.

One where the economy works for everyone. One where politicians are held accountable to working people, instead of big-money backers. One where all of us, no matter where we come from, can find a good job, get healthcare when we need it, afford a home, send our kids to good schools, and have a secure retirement.
Green Jobs, Green Homes, Real Tax Solutions, Clean Elections, Affordable Housing, Education, Equal Rights, Good Jobs, Living Wages, Healthcare for All, Paid Family Leave, Public Transportation, Veterans and Military Families
On November 4th. send a clear and distinct message to the Big 2, I am voting only for real values, the values of the working people, and even if I do not agree 100% with WFP, it's a lot more than I agree with the Big 2.

From The WFP site on Presidential election 2008:

Vote Change Like You Mean it

After 8 long years of disastrous, far-right government, Working Families need a champion in the White House like never before. Barack Obama’s campaign has inspired millions of Americans to fight for the issues the WFP has long championed, whether it’s an economy that works for everyone, healthcare for all, protecting social security, or the right to join a union.

This November, Obama will appear on the Working Families Party ballot line - “Row E” - across New York. Votes for Obama on the WFP line count just the same, but they also let you vote your values and send a powerful message: New Yorkers demand real progressive change.

Remember, if and when Barack Obama get's elected, it's up to us to hold him accountable, renegotiate Free Trade agreements, reinvest in infrastructure, create green jobs, it will all be on the table and I'm ready. Keeping American's working is this site top priority, would I reregister as a WFP member, that would take me learning just how grassroots they are and possibly honing in on their motives, letting Barack Obama know that I am voting for him for issues that matter to me, "One where politicians are held accountable to working people, instead of big-money backers.", is a good start.

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