Mr. McCain, Dead Wrong on Colombia

By Bendygirl
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Free Trade with Colombia is not a "no brainer" like Mr. McSame said tonight. Let me remind you why:
I suppose the death last week of yet another Colombian union activist is just an example of how far Colombia has come in addressing their issues. Well, I guess if you're a moron, that is.
or how about Uribe who thought it was okay to address this issue, an issue of AMERICAN politics:
"I deplore the fact that Senator Obama, aspiring to be president of the United States, should be unaware of Colombia's efforts," said President Alvaro Uribe in a statement released by the presidency. "I think it is for political calculations that he is making a statement that does not correspond to Colombia's reality."
Don't worry, before the vote in the Senate this is what Obama said:
"I will oppose the Colombia Free Trade Agreement if President Bush insists on sending it to Congress because the violence against unions in Colombia would make a mockery of the very labour protections we have insisted be included in these kinds of agreements," Obama said Wednesday at a meeting of the Pennsylvania AFL-CIO.
And there's Coca Cola and years of intimidation and murder of union activists:
The body of Isidro Gil lay inside the plant. The first bullet had hit him between the eyes. The remaining five shots were fired out of spite or bravado. Another Coca-Cola union leader had been disposed of.
But here's the real kicker:
The International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC) puts the conviction rate of trade union murderers at 1%. Certainly President Uribe has shown little inclination to rectify this situation. “There are no assassinations of workers in Colombia,” he has stated, adding that there are “rotten apples” in the trade union movement.
On Labourstart, there are 100 stories of strikes, deaths, intimidation, and other issues within Colombia. The no brainer here Mr. McCain is that Colombia kills, intimidates and silences trade unionists. Free trade, No Fucxing Way!!

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