Found denim bibs Made In USA, and they are expanding here in the USA

Everyone else has moved operations overseas. "It's created a niche for us ... a lot of people still want products make in the United States.” - Jim Antosh, owner Round House Workwear

I agree. This is the only denim work bib that I have found still made in the USA, and according to the article below, it is the only one left.

Carhartt only has a few items still union made in the USA, 11 to be exact, they don't make any denim work bib's for all of my pipefitter, steamfitter, carpenter and iron worker friends.

Round House Brand Workwear

For over 105 years, Round House Workware has been making high quality denim work bib's.

Thay are actually opening a new factory right here in the United States, got this info from the Railroad Workers United site which had a link to this article from NewsOK, published on 10/01/08:
Denim plant finds fit in Wewoka (Oklahoma-Joe)
Shawnee company finds new site outside hometown
By Debbie Blossom

When business owner Jim Antosh wanted to expand his manufacturing company and hire additional staff, he found few takers in Shawnee, where Round House Manufacturing has been stitching up sturdy denim workwear and jeans for more than a century.

http://img513.imageshack.us/img513/1878/08644506p1440x440wu6.jpgWith a tight labor pool and no workers with the skills to operate commercial sewing machines, Antosh went searching in nearby communities for a site and employees to sew together some of the company's denim that is precut at the Shawnee plant.

Forty miles away in Wewoka, Antosh said he found suitable space and a partnership of city, state, education and economic development officials willing to help turn his expansion into a reality.

"It's a little unique,” he said of planning an addition in another town. "But the city of Wewoka was so helpful, and so eager, and they had the space.”

Still made in the U.S.
Round House is the sole overalls producer left in the United States, and about the only jeans maker in the country, Antosh said. Everyone else has moved operations overseas. "It's created a niche for us ... a lot of people still want products make in the United States.”

Demand remains brisk for the Round House brand, which includes work overalls for painters, engineers, carpenters and laborers that come in different colors. There are overalls for kids, caps and aprons. And the brand is worn by Disney World railroad conductors and has been seen on celebrities such as Jessica Simpson and Donald Trump.http://img401.imageshack.us/img401/4236/dzf980fdw3.jpg

Yet despite the company's successful longevity, "It's not easy to start from scratch,” he said.

What he found in Wewoka was a joint venture between city officials and Rural Enterprises of Oklahoma Inc., a Durant-based economic development organization.

City officials had invested $90,000 to renovate a vacant, 100,000-square-foot former apparel plant and divided the space to accommodate several businesses.

The Oklahoma Commerce Department and REI were advised on the building's availability, said Mark Mosley, Wewoka's city manager.

Round House, Made In USA, denim, CarharttAt least $55,000 went into windows, new flooring and walls, electrical work and air conditioning for Round House, he said.

People looking to work closer to home, and fewer employers needing workers also helped entice Round House to expand away from Shawnee, Mosley said.

Antosh said further encouragement came from the state's career tech program, which helped reimburse some of the cost of training new employees.
You can find Round House items for sale by using their Store Locator, or online at:
Made In America Video featuring RoundHouse
I just got off the phone with owner Jim Antosh, it was a very pleasant conversation, we spoke of the history of Round House and the history of Shawnee, Oklahoma. It was a huge railroad town with what was known as a "round house", a station where steam locomotive's, which were optimized for forward mobility, to be turned around. Jim spoke of the fact that the textile association that he belonged to was amazed that he was expanding operations here in the states, they said he was the first that they know of in a decade. I also mentioned my need for "button snapped" denim shirts, he assured me that if all goes well they may consider them in the future, but insisted that anything they make must take time in the creation, so that they can proudly put their logo on the product, with the assurance that it is tough enough in stregnth and quality to bear the Round House name.

I offered Jim any assistance in getting the word out about their products and he thanked me and told me to get in touch any time I have any questions.

I also spoke to someone at TYCA, another American company who makes denim and leather goods, I had called once before and asked if they could make some denim quick snap 10oz. welder shirts for my fellow construction workers, they are still waiting for a prototype to finish being designed. Tyca also embosses denim and leather and all of their product's are union made, by IAM Machinist's in the USA.

Support American families, buy American made!

Big thanks to Railroad Worker's United for posting this up on their site


Anonymous said...

Thanks for writing about this and encouraging people to buy clothing made in the United States.

I think it is vitally important for our country that people stop exporting their dollars. We need to support each other and create jobs by creating demand for "Made In USA" products.

That's what my website is all about: whybuymadeinusa.com

Joe638NYC said...

Thanks Matthew, nice site you have up, I added you link here, feel free to use my content of this story or any of the other "made in USA" stories if needed, just link back.

keep up the good work,

Anonymous said...

I just bought my first pair!
Gas Workers
Local 11-6

dan said...

I wear Roundhouse bib overalls and have for several years. But your claims that Roundhouse is the sole sole overalls producer left in the United States may be a little misleading. Last week I visited the Pointer Brand facility in Bristol Tennessee and purchased bib overalls. I was told at their sales counter that Pointer brand have been made in the same facility since 1913. I bought a few pairs to try them out to see if they are truly worth the approximately 40% more cost.

Anonymous said...

I purchased and I am very happy with my Roundhouse overalls the price was less then the imported competion, and you can find free shipping at consructiongear.com. I researched and found Pointer brand but they were much more expevsive. I've been buying U.S.A made textiles for years and they are getting harder to find.

Anonymous said...

sole provider of overalls in the us?what about pointer brand,this idiot is to arrogant for me

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