Workers Independent News is now a phone call away

Nice, for those of you who don't know, Workers Independent News is a nationwide broadcast that spotlights today's labor struggle in these United States. While you can hear their report on radio stations, through their site and through podcasts, WIN has now added a new way for working people to hear news that concerns them most. A 100% FREE cell phone call. It's sponsor paid, so you pay nothing. You will hear a small ad when you call, but can simply skip further information easily.

Check it out, I did and was very happily surprised, it's now in my contacts.

Here's the number

425 - 527 - 7001

Give it a call, save it and stay up to date.

Why labor news on the radio? Here's an excerpt of the reasoning behind WIN, from their 'about' section:
Why WIN?
Radio is a Powerful Force. More than 12,000 AM and FM stations broadcast to millions of listeners every day.

But too often conservative viewpoints dominate the airwaves while workers' interests are ignored.

If you listen to what's considered "business news" on the radio today, you'll hear lots about stock prices, corporate earnings, and profit/loss ratios - but nothing about the people that make commerce possible.

Workers Independent News (WIN) gathers news by and about working people and creates programs and feature stories for commercial, public, community and college radio stations throughout the United States.
You can also check out their site for a list of stations, archived news, and transcripts by clicking the image I created below. Feel free to use it.


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