UnionGal needs your vote in DC

From our dear friend and labor activist, Kirsten Burgard of the UnionGal Blog

Are U a DC Voter? Yeah? Well I NEED Your Vote Tuesday!!

I'm running for office and I need your DC vote Tuesday, September 9th!!

I'm running on the Obama4UnityBeatsMcCain slate

Polls are open from 7am until 8pm. Electing our slate means that you will elect the body that will govern the DC Democratic Party for the next 4 years.

The DC Democratic State Committee is the official governing body of the DC Democratic Party chartered by the Democratic National Committee. The primary objective of the DC Democratic Party, as all state parties, is to elect Democrats locally and nationally and to advocate for issues within the Democratic Party platform.

The Obama Unity slate is fielding 48 candidates for the DC Democratic State Committee city-wide. Each voter may vote for 24 positions on the DC Democratic State Committee - 20 at-large positions and the 4 representing your own Ward).

There are other Obama slates, but the one that includes the word "Unity" in its name is the true-blue one, endorsed by DC for Obama and DC for Democracy. The widely respected members of this slate will bring years of experience, leadership and commitment to rejuvenating the Democratic Party of this great city.

I urge you to vote for the following candidates from our slate who are running citywide:

National Committeeman - Arrington Dixon, his Alternate - Douglass Sloan;

National Committeewoman - Miriam Sapiro, her Alternate - Regan Ford;

And the following 6 men and 6 women At-Large candidates: Kemry Hughes, Jeffrey Richardson, Alan Bray, Jeffrey Norman, John Nowicki, Kenneth Ellerbe, Kim Morton, Gaby Fraser, Linda Nguyen, Tamela Gordon, Kirsten Burgard and Robin Kelley.

If you live in Ward 3, please vote for our four Ward 3 candidates: Frank Wu, Kahlill Palmer, Jocelyn Nieva and Shana Mosher.

If you live in Ward 4, please vote for our four Ward 4 candidates: Dwayne Revis, Tony Towns, Faith Wheeler and Ella Gilbert.

Our slate is steeped in the tradition of Democratic grassroots politics and committed to bringing leadership to the DC Democratic Party that is energetic, transparent and engaged in the lives of Democrats of the District of Columbia. We envision a DC Democratic Party that has a clear mission, and works to educate, empower, and mobilize District residents to become more engaged within their communities and to participate in the democratic process locally and nationally.

Our slate is the most diverse slate of candidates for the DC Democratic State Committee since the advent of home rule. If elected, we will automatically increase the representation of Young Democrats, LGBT, Organized Labor, Asian Pacific Islanders, and Latinos on the DC Democratic State Committee.

So, please, GET OUT AND VOTE.


Anonymous said...

Anyone voting for Obama and hoping for change is brainwashed. What have the Democrats in Congress done since taking control?? Nothing except screw up the economy and blaming Bush. They are the policy makers, not the president. Wake up.

bendygirl said...

Wow, thanks. I really appreciate the support.

Joe638NYC said...

Your the best, wish I could have voted for you

Joe638NYC said...

h keil, they voted in favor of The Employee Free Choice Act, they put an end to the Dept. Of Transportation's allowing unsafe Mexican domiciled vehicles from roaming the US roadways freely, they passed into law the GI Bill 2008, they overturned a FCC ruling that changed the law which allowed Big Media to get BIGGER, they passed a bill that would give the Consumer Product Safety Commission more teeth against unsafe foods and products.

While they haven't done everything I would like to see, they have done some things I liked, what did the previous House do for us?

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