McCain camp distortions of the truth, what's next?

They would like you to believe that Barack Obama wants to teach sex to Kindergartners, just last week they released a video showing Obama as if he was a child molester, and some of you dumbasses bought it as if it were truth.

Kudos to Obama for not attacking back in the same fashion, here's an outside source, Planned Parenthood, that has shown the TRUTH about the bill and they did it on their own.

Don't be a sheep, read the facts, get them from more than one source and cross reference them. Like the one about McCain not raising your taxes, his health care plan would do just that, it's just a bait-and-switch tactic, you can read more about it in this mornings story "How McCain's health plan will increase taxes for the working family"

*NOTE: there are videos in this story that may not appear if you received this in an E-Mail or on your mobile phone

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