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  • The Ultimate Bridge To NoWhere - 2 days agoRemember, twice now, both John McCain and Sarah Palin have not addressed his desire to tax your benefits... Why can't they just tell the truth? Your benefits become income, this way, employers no ...
  • Rhee's on a Teacher Hunt - 3 days agoAnd she's found her prey, DC Public School teachers that she thinks are "ineffective" Among the measures Rhee plans to impose are a new teacher evaluation system based primarily on stude...
  • Sarah Palin, Proud Union Member? - 3 days agocrossposted on Dailykos So, there’s been a lot in the press lately about Palin. From her poor interviews and inability to answer voter questions to her responses to Troopergate, you know, by avoiding...
  • Boeing to ELIMINATE Family's Right to a Pension if a Worker Dies - 3 days agoBoeing executives say a prolonged strike could wound the company, which is behind schedule on the fuel-saving Dreamliner 787 and has seen high demand ramp up production by 50 percent this year. I’m al...
  • McSame, Utterly Out Of Touch - 4 days agoOkay, I thought this was a joke when a friend told me about it, then she had the video. I'm absolutely stunned. I now understand why he's anti-worker, anti-regulation, anti-diplomacy, anti-tax...
  • Children in Need and Then There's Fenty - 5 days agoIn the recent past, Mayor of DC, Adrian Fenty has been all too willing to throw workers under the bus in his obsessed mantra of "Accountability". But for once, Adrian isn't calling for t...
  • Adrianisms and Teachers - 6 days ago
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