Building Bridges Radio: A POW with John McCain, US largest immigration raid in IBEW facility

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From Building Bridges Radio:
Dr. Phillip Butler knew McCain as a fellow POW
by Robert Greenwald and Brave New PAC team

John McCain has been exploiting his prisoner of war experience every chance he gets. He has used this story to justify everything from not knowing how many homes he has to his healthcare plan to his marital infidelities to his taste in music. The McCain campaign is even using his POW story in paid ads. But now a veteran who was a prisoner with McCain in Vietnam is explaining loud and clear that being a POW does not qualify McCain to lead our country.

ICEd in the Biggest Immigration Raid Yet (starts around 6 minutes)
With Bill Chandler, Executive Dir., Mississippi Immigrant
Rights Alliance (MIRA)

In another large-scale workplace immigration crackdown, federal officials raided a factory in Laurel Mississippi detaining almost 600 workers they claimed were in the country illegally. Numerous agents from Immigration and Customs Enforcement descended on a factory belonging to Howard Industries Inc., which manufactures electrical transformers, among other products.
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