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large contractors that have no sense of responsibility to the public that they are serving get no love. -Charles Bradshaw

Charles Bradshaw, the owner/creator of Public Works Solutions contacted me about a link exchange, so I figured I'd check his site out.

What I found was a guy who was dedicated to serving his community, by making sure that publicly funded projects in his area of California, get their moneys worth. He cites the Project Labor Agreement as a huge win for members of his community. Here's a quote from his about me:
I have had the privilege of working with results oriented leaders that were fighting for things larger them themselves. The PLA provided labor peace for the construction projects, which modernized the maritime sector and expanded the Oakland International Airport. In addition to labor peace it brought hundreds of East Bay residents into the building trades.
and continues in a fashion I truly admire:
I despise poverty pimps and privileged whiners. Outreach programs that are 80% overhead that get no results and large contractors that have no sense of responsibility to the public that they are serving get no love.
Checking around the site I notice quite a few cool things, a movie on the construction of the World Trade Center, another on the making of Disney Land, a lot of local politics, a lot of mention of local budget and prevailing wage, and then I get to the tag section, and click on the "unions" tag, awesome, there's a lot of news that I missed on my usual trolling through the internet, here's a few recent ones:
Nice site Charles, I like seeing more people fighting for whats right in their areas, and it's nice to see that the Building and Construction Trades are getting respect from sites such as your own, for doing what is right for your community.

The WTC Construction movie (18 Minutes)
World Trade Center Construction, Part 1

World Trade Center Construction, Part 2
So go check out the site:

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