Battle in Seattle is the film Big Hollywood does not want you to see, starts tonight!

50,000 union members led the charge
Even after receiving great reviews, no big movie corporation would distribute this film. An independent studio, Redwood Palms Pictures, picked up the film and is working hard to get it seen broadly.

I recall the Main Stream painting the protesters as a bunch of lunatics, while according to my recollection there were well look at where we are now thanks to the WTO's war on the majority of the worlds population.

DEMAND Showings in you area

I would like to thank Donna from Teamsters Local 237 here in New York for getting me this info, I desperately would like to see this film, you can help by demanding that it be shown in you area


From the Who controls the world:
When 50,000 union members led the charge on a rainy November 30, 1999 in http://whocontrolstheworld.com/wp-content/uploads/2008/08/wto11-yellow.jpgSeattle to speak truth to the power of the world’s biggest corporations, history was made. A devastating plan to expand the WTO’s power and the reign of corporate globalization over our lives was derailed.

Common Sense on Media notes:
Families can talk about the many social, political, and economic topics that the film raises, from concerns about corporate control of the media to the environmental ramifications of modern industry. Families can also discuss whether a film like this is made to provide answers or provoke questions. Do you think the filmmakers are playing favorites in their arguments and scenes? Is it OK for movies based on real-life events to have a particular bias toward one "side" or the other?

Battle in Seattle opens in select cities on September 19. If the opening theaters are packed for the film’s first two weeks, it will get a national distribution - turning on a new generation to the joy, fun and power of the Seattle Spirit through the pleasures of a great film. You can show Hollywood that there is a real interest in films that celebrate the fighting spirit of working people.
Here's what Union City, The Metro DC Labor Council has to say:

“MOVIES CAN CHANGE THE WORLD”: “I’m not sure that a single movie can change the world, but movies can change the world,” actor-turned-director Stuart Townsend tells Union City. His new film Battle in Seattle, a drama about the 1999 protests against the World Trade Organization, opens tonight in Washington. The film, which stars Woody Harrelson, Charlize Theron, Ray Liotta, Andre Benjamin and Michelle Rodriguez, is being independently produced and distributed. “I wanted to make a film that will inspire people,” Townsend told Union City in a recent phone interview from California. “This film is not about politics, it’s about people; people who want good jobs, a clean environment and a economic system that puts people above profits. It’s about a moment when ordinary people stood up to the powers that be, and won. Seattle was a rare victory; it’s not often that the little guy wins, and for a whole week the world was watching.” Townsend’s pleased that the DC Labor FilmFest has included the local Battle screenings in this year’s line-up, noting that his effort is designed “to show Hollywood that there is a real interest in films that celebrate the fighting spirit of working people.” Click here for the full interview with Townsend.

Here's some classic footage

Battle in Seattle showtimes for New York, NY - Trailer
‎1hr 38min‎ - ‎Rated R‎ - ‎Action/Adventure/Drama‎ - 8 reviews:

Rated 3.4 out of 5.0

Lincoln Plaza Cinemas - 30 Lincoln Plaza, New York, NY - Map
11:05am 1:05 3:10 5:30 7:50 10:05pm
Angelika Film Center - 18 West Houston, New York, NY - Map
11:00am 1:15 3:30 5:45 8:00 10:35pm

You can read more at Who Controls The World

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