Anti-Union Contractor Association Blasts Its Own Member for Winning PLA Project Under Budget

by Charles Bradshaw

I don't understand the Anti-Union Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC) Association. Apparently their rabid opposition to project labor agreements has totally blinded them. I commented on a letter to the editor that the government affairs person penned blasting an ABC member, Hensel Phelps for doing a poor job of outreach to small and local businesses on the San Joaquin County Administration Building project. This project is covered by a project labor agreement.

Out of the $92 million contract award, she complains that less than ten per cent of the contracting dollars has gone to local firms.

There are several things that make me wonder about the organization's focus.
  1. Why are they beating up on their own contractors? Isn't a contractor association supposed to promote and advocate for their contractors and not smear them in the editorial pages of local newspapers.
  2. According to San Joaquin County the engineers estimate was $109 million. The project came in at $92 million.
  3. Hensel - Phelps is a non-union contractor that bids, wins and is proud of its projects that are covered by project labor agreements. Hensel Phelps is not ashamed of this project, why is the ABC?

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