Why is John McCain offering lettuce picking jobs for $50 an hour?

John McCain voted 19 times against raising the minimum wage in the United States, John McCain voted to remove prevailing wage laws, John McCain has voted yes to every single free trade agreement, I can go on. Well why wouldn't he? This guy is so disassociated from reality it makes me sick to my stomach to think that any union construction worker would even fathom voting for this piece of (work).

Yeah, I know the talking points, people respect him, he's known as a maverick, he was a POW, yeah I know, I won't be able to persuade people to vote against him, or abstain altogether for that matter. Well you know what, I have a principal to uphold, that being telling you the truth. If anyone ever feels I'm wrong or misinformed, I'll always be opened to their views, I mean I'm new to this, I can sure learn a lot.

Now I also have a job to protect, I make my wages off of my labor, without work I would not have food, John McCain has continuously voted against my bread and butter, and unless you are self-sufficient and/or living off a multi-million dollar trust fund, this guy has voted against your ability to feed your family, and he has done this religiously.

In 2006 John McCain spoke in front of a group of union construction workers. My fellow labor activist friend, PaulVA posted a short clip and the story at DailyKOS, here's a video with just the audio.

Here's the transcript
McCain: I don't think I need to tell you that there are jobs that Americans will not do. I don't think I need to tell you that there, are, are....

*Rumblings in the crowd, McCain, obviously flustered sorta continues*

McCain:...backbone of our economy.

Construction worker#1: Why don't you pay them the right wages.
Construction worker #2: Pay them the right wages!

McCain: You know, I've heard that statement before. Now my friends, I'll offer any one of you here $50 dollars an hour if you'll go pick lettuce in Yuma this, this season, and, and pick for the whole season.

*Construction workers obviously agitated by McCain's disassociation for reality are jeering

(loud and now viciously attacking the workers) So.., OK, sign up....Ok, now you sign up, you sign up and you will be there for the WHOLE SEASON, THE WHOLE SEASON! Not just for one day! Because you just can't do it my friend!

Just one last quip, why on god's green earth would anyone think that when their union sends out Political action letters explaining who they support in elections does the membership always think that they are getting screwed? Are you kidding me? We have seen what voting for the other candidates has brought us, we now live completely under the control of greed, we pay for it at every turn. Why on earth would we even play into the bullshit of off shore drilling, does anyone think that would actually help us at all? It would use our tax dollars to help these corporate scums take our oil and sell it, look what our government sponsored tax giveaway to the biofuel/agricultural industry has gotten us, higher prices for everything. It causes more environmental damage, as biofuel isn't able to be piped from one area to another, it gets lower mileage per gallon than regular gasoline, it uses our food supply, I mean really everything was made with corn because it was cheap, corn syrup, animal feed, etc. I mean how much is corn nowadays? How much is the meat that needs to be fed corn nowadays?

Do I think that a Democratic Congress and President would cure our ills? Well all I know is this. The only way anything will change for working people is if we hold whoever gets elected accountable. It's not just getting them elected, it's making sure that we, as Americans, can actually start uniting against the war against the working class, against the war on the lower 1% of humankind.

We can make this a better world, it's not these elected officials, it's about solidarity, it's about seeing what our human needs are, it's about getting our message across that we will not be screwed anymore, and we must not stop until our united voices are heard.

We have lived through the war on communism, the war on drugs and the current war on terror. I'd like to see a President declare a war on greed. Will Obama do that? I just don't know for sure. Will McCain do that? Absolutely not!

Do something. Union starts with U/you! Hell, for that matter, so does the United States.


bendygirl said...

Just to be clear Joe, I'd take one of these jobs!! I'd work a field for $50 an hour.

Joe638NYC said...

I'm sorry Union Girl, it's a John McCain job, he doesn't feel that women should make the same pay for the same job as a man does, maybe he would offer you $40. Aw, forget that, your an American, you couldn't do that work anyway.

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