MTA worker, use bathroom, lose your job?

Need to go, your sh!t out of luck

Here's a story which actually shows how bad it is when you have to go to the restroom in the New York City subways, this guy works for the NYC Mass Transit Authority. It's the story of James Mitchel, a NYC transit conductor and member of TWU local100, who has a health problem which causes him to need restroom relief, and even though they won't try to fire him for using the restrooms when he has to go, it seems that they may be going after him on other ways.

From YouTube via NY1

Now, I have had to go to the bathroom when being on a train in New York, it's an amazingly bad experience. While I have actually noticed at least one station with a restroom, they are few and far between. I would think that stopping public urination would be a lot easier if there was more restrooms, hell it could be done very simply, add a few port-o-johns on all the stations, it might not be the greatest restroom break, but at least you wont find a homeless person sleeping in one. It's a nice temporary solution to the discomfort of every subway rider, it would get more users and it would create more jobs as the port-o-johns would need to be trained off to a cleaning location and replaced with a new one each day.

Sometimes a solution is really easy, how much would it possibly cost? Mayor Bloomberg has been stretching for something to leave as his legacy, from the Olympic ready Jet's stadium, to windmills on skyscrapers. He could have his name emboldened on every toilet in the MTA system. We could even call them port-o-bloomies, hell we could possibly curtail the scratcher graffitti in the city if we all one side of the john to be opened to the workings of local artists as long as they get permits for the sites they want to create on, with the stipulation that they are allowed to express themselves as long as they vow to end the scratching and use other mediums such as paint markers and acrylics. The other side could have advertising. This project could give us art, a place to go, more workers and another advertising venue, which probably would pay for it in full.
So without further ado, here's my version, minus the stainless steel, the artwork, the real advertising, and the video camera pointing at it.

The Bloomie


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