Al Jazeera: The truth about illegal immigration in the USA

"By and large our Congressmen and Senators have no clue"- Tommy Bruguiere, 7th. generation apple farmer, Virginia

When our own media turns a blind eye to the stories that matter to us, sometimes you have to go elsewhere, Al Jazeera, who recently wrote up on the underground economy and the real safety concerns in the New York construction industry, does it again, tell the truth.

If you are blind to the facts of immigration, I beg you to take in more facts around the net.

This video covers a lot of area in a short time, one of the greatest lines is by Congressman Luis Guitierrez, from Illinois, who asks, "What happened to the investigation into Agriprocessors? We had over a dozen children testify to us. Children! 14, 15, 16 year old's, who worked up to double shifts in that back room, with full knowledge of their supervisors. When are we gonna take action against them true criminals?"

So I ask, what is going to happen? I have heard rumors that they may face a fine of up to $1,000,000, big deal. Child labor was abolished in this country, people like Mother Jones spoke up about it, some of my newest logo's for the site are from photographer, Lewis Hine, who in the early 1900's went from sea to shining sea to show the nation the abuses of children who as young as 5 years old worked in such industries as canning, coal mines, the seafood industry and clothing sweatshops. What monster has our corporate controlled government become to throw away what our forefathers had so valiently fought for?

Read the story above to see the pictures of how far we have come in 100 years, and why we should never go back

I found this via AlterNet:
Click below to see more videos by Al Jazeera:

Speaking about illegal immigration, Charlie over at UBCNewsroom, posted on Union Review on the most recent ICE raid, this time they detained over 600 workers at an electrical manufacturing plant in Mississippi.

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