Video's and the story from 11/07 called "Mad As Hell #2 : Australian people dump corporate Gov. In favor of Labor and what's important here"

Ronald Regan once said "I believe that in both spirit and substance , our tax system has come to be unAmerican"

All the way back in November of 2007, I wrote an article at Union Review that, aw hell here's the entire thing.

Mad As Hell #2 : Australian people dump corporate Gov. In favor of Labor and what's important here - 11/25/07
Note: I'm As Mad As Hell #1 - "The Part That Big Media Left Out !!!" is at the bottom of every page here at Joe's Union review

In a carbon-copy of the USA's wholesale sell off of the American worker in favor of corporate rulership , the people of Australia , who have faced their own War Against The Workers, have said "enough is enough".

The Liberals*, also known as the coalition, used Fear as the biggest tactic against Labor, fear of unions , fear of terrorism, immigrants, etc. . Even the distribution of fake handouts which stated that ""Labor*" supports terrorism" didn't discourage the masses to flock to the polls to oust the now-former conservative regime. Heres what the conservatives did against unions in 2005


"...2005 legislation that dramatically undermined workers' rights to organize and forced them onto individual contracts. The new law banned 'pattern bargaining' (industry-wide campaigns) and deciding on industrial action at mass meetings. It restricted union officials' access to members at work and abolished the prohibition of unfair dismissals."

Sounds like todays NLRB to me.

Only time will tell if Australia will be better off , here in the states where we decide the lesser of two evils, where whoever is elected it seems "we the people", the working class people , get screwed. To what degree is something we could debate forever (Who signed NAFTA? Under what presidency did deregulation of industry start? Who fired the Air-Traffic controllers? Who's NLRB are we under today?) . We head into our elections hoping a democratic presidency will change that, I only hope that it will be true.

We need a party for the working people not just the lesser of two evils, a party that views the Constitution as law , a party that will not give away the final "gasp" of American industry, one that will support "fair" trade not "free" trade, one that will view the American people as people, not just consumers and pawns in todays global economy. We need to become "We the people", not just "We the consumer"

Unfortunately, we have been bushwhacked (no pun intended) to believe, by the elections in Florida, that all of our voting standards are flawed , but that just isn't the case, or at least not a good enough reason to go to electronic voting (using a computerized polls to vote in an election) . If you are on a computer now, you know how easy it is to be hacked, get a virus or any other security risk at hand .

What makes the powers that be think that 'we the people" want any form of electronic voting? Why would we want any form of voting whereby there cannot be a hard copy recount , where rigging could be as simple as a math problem on a calculator? Just take a looksie at YouTube and the Voting Machine Hacks (seems YouTube is down at the moment, maybe they got Hacked) , most interesting of which is this testimony. Who decides who gets the contract to use the software on these machines? An interesting note is that We The People - a Foundation who's mission is to protect and defend individual Rights as guaranteed by the Constitutions of the United States - has filed suit against electronic voting claiming in part "computerized voting machines, are unconstitutional because they are ripe for fraud and error and effectively hide the physical vote counting process from the public, effectively denying citizens their legally protected Right to cast an effective vote.".

The fight is now, to make sure we do have a choice in the future, communicate information to others, end the war on the working people in the USA. Make sure those who wish to be in office are informed that we are mad, informed and that we are united. The world should be a place where life should be easier for the masses through innovations and inventions. Where things should be made better , not just throw away junk . Where we shouldn't be sicker and should live longer. What has happened? We are sicker, we pay the same for shoddy products, we buy poison food and toys from places we jettisoned our industrial jobs to, we work harder for less, we have less options for work , we have rampant illegal immigration (slave labor), we have a nation divided through fear, language and religion , we are closer to catastrophic loss of everything we own in a dire emergency then during the depression, we are a nation addicted to drugs for heart burn, erections and sleep disorders who ask our doctors what they think of medicines with commercials we pay for, we can be withheld by authorities and everything we 'own' can be taken for no reason at all, we are a nation of sheep blindly being led to slavery through creditors , mortgages and loans , a nation where our labor is taxed seemingly without representation (Ronald Regan once said "I believe that in both spirit and substance , our tax system has come to be unamerican") .

If one were to look at the current state of affairs , to look beyond the lies , half-truths and misinformation, one would think that we live in the world Ray Bradbury saw in Fahrenheit 451 , the futuristic world where Guy Montag the lead characters wife sits in her living room interacting with her 3 walls of television without a care in the world, while Montag who is a futuristic fireman in a world where everything is non-flammable, books are restricted, individuals are anti-social and hedonistic, and critical thought is suppressed. Montag's job is to burn books. Are we really that far off ?

Anyone who has showed up here at UnionReview a few times already knows that Net Neutrality can and will be used for information suppression . Just the basic fact that the ilk such as Rick Berman, the creator of the anti-union "center for union facts" , has been signed on in support of the corporate agenda is tell tale that there is a huge lobbying effort to suppress our freedom of internet information. The same companies that run TV, Radio and Cable want to control everything even on the internet. Check out and get active on www.SaveTheInternet.com, do it if only for the sake that you can still view this site, for the fact that we can still have a free voice over our concerns of the working class, that yes free speech is alive and well.

Well like all stories I write, this one, unfortunately, has come to an end.

*Please note that the 2 main parties in AUS. are "Liberal" which is the conservative party and sympathies with corporations and "Labor" which is somewhat to the left, has quite a few candidates who are Union and is more for the working class.

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