NY: They don't want you to know that harmful bovine growth hormones are in your milk, tell NY commissioner of Agriculture "this is not acceptable"

From Consumers Union

Dear Joseph,

Monsanto wants you to get less information from your food label—and bureaucrats at a big New York state agency (the Department of Agriculture and Markets) might help them do it.

Don’t let them get away with it!

Some dairy farmers use an artificial growth hormone, produced and sold by Monsanto, to make cows produce more milk. But many retailers, as well as all organic dairies, sell milk products from cows that are not injected with this synthetic growth hormone. You can buy that milk by reading the label.

If Monsanto has its way, this distinction may become a secret kept from most shoppers. Monsanto has tried to eliminate rbGH labels all over the country. Don’t let them succeed in New York.

Tell the New York Commissioner of Agriculture and Markets to stop this foolishness.

The federal government has already said these labels are not misleading. There is no reason for New York to make shopping more difficult for you and your family.

Take action today, and when you are done please forward this message on to your friends and family in New York so they can join their voices with yours.

Thank you,
Jean Halloran
A project of Consumers UnionConsumers Union

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