Tired of paying to leave your cell phone company for another?

From the E-Mail:
Hear Us Now!
Tired of paying to leave your cell phone company for another?

That's not how competition is supposed to work.

Vent your frustration and make a difference!

This week, the FCC meets to discuss those hefty early termination fees--as high at $250. They need to hear from customers, not just companies.

The stakes are high. The FCC could rein in these fees, but the companies want a sweetheart deal in return. In exchange for fee reductions, the industry wants to take away your right to take cell phone companies to court.

We got this far because frustrated cell customers have already gone to court, and they might win. By taking away your rights in the future, we may end up with a worse deal in the long run.

Tell the FCC to rein in these excessive early termination penalties without taking away your rights.

Isn’t it bad enough we have to buy a new phone when changing wireless companies? Why do we have to pay a penalty when we leave, even if the service was bad?

Tell the FCC cell phone companies shouldn’t get special legal treatment just for giving consumers a fair shake!

Finally, please forward this email to those you know with cell phones, so they can comment to the FCC along with you!

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