So you want to be a journalist, Martin Fishgold and SSEU Local 371 are looking for an entry level labor communicator

Got this from Martin through an e-mail:
SSEU Local 371 is looking for a communications assistant to work with the union newspaper and website. The job pays well and has full benefits. It's a great opportunity for a recent grad or anyone else looking for an entry level position, especially those with an interest in journalism, workers' rights, and social justice. Please pass this announcement along to anyone you think may be interested, and mention that you received the job announcement from me and that interested parties can contact me at mfishgold@earthlink.net
Please note that some computer skills are necessary. If you choose to take this job, you will be working directly with Mr.Fishgold and the staff of The Unionist

Martin Fishgold is a former President of the International Labor Communications Association, a Board member of the Association for Union Democracy and the editor of the Social Service Employees Union Local 371 of AFSCME newspaper "The Unionist", among quite a few other things. You can see more of his history by googling "Martin Fishgold labor", one of the highlights, in my eyes, is a letter in response to John Sweeney's request for proposals on the future of labor which was written in 2004, heres the first proposal from Chicago Media Actions "ILCA President Proposes Changes in Letter to AFL-CIO" (12/23/04):
1 - Together with the international unions and the ILCA, make a serious investment in national independent labor media during the next year. Stop using workers' money to buy advertising in corporate media, which systematically marginalizes and attacks workers. Instead, invest in the creation of national labor media in the form of at least one cable television station, at least one radio network, and at least one national weekly publication. Such ventures can be highly profitable, and the use of union pension funds to invest in them, rather than in our corporate opponents, should be considered. But there are sufficient funds in the current AFL-CIO budget and the budgets of internationals to take this step without using pension money.

Each media outlet created should be an independent organization committed in its constitution to the promotion of growth in the labor movement, and to accepting no funding or advertising from companies not approved by the AFL-CIO and the Union Label and Service Trades Department. But each must be independent and subject to no editorial control by any union or labor federation, control that could exclude debate and new ideas.
I think it's a great opportunity, for a socially conscience young person who wants to make it in journalism. Good Luck

Speaking of AFSCME

and I just had to add this little gem, lower the volume if your at work.

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