NEW: Nontraditional Employment for Women and Yankee Stadium feature on NBC News

The slogan: NEW provides opportunities for women to achieve economic self-sufficiency through employment in nontraditional work

I was at the Bank of America project in NYC, when speaking to a Carpenter apprentice, I first learned about NEW: Nontraditional Employment for Women. She told me how they helped her and her sister to learn about the construction trades. She was very happy to be working as a NYC Carpenter. I kinda forgot about it for a while, because I was working and it was on an elevator and it was a quick conversation, I didn't grab all the facts. Fast forward a few months and I got a chance to speak with a Laborer on my latest job at lunch who proudly displayed her "NEW" shirt. I asked about the organization. She explained to me that it was like having a second union, how she learned exactly what it was like to work in the construction trades. The I noticed a bus shelter poster about NEW, unfortunately I was driving bye and didn't read it, someone should tell the DOT that these things are a major distraction to drivers. So now I decided to go online and learned that there is a ton of media about the organization.

NEW, while working with many local unions, isn't wholly centered on the Building and Construction Trades, they also work with Consolidated Edison, Keyspan, PSE&G, Time Warner, Amtrak, Greyhound Lines, MetroNorth Railroad, Norfolk Southern Railroad and the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey.

Heres the clips from MSNBC, from the NEW press:

NBC Nightly News, May 18, 2008
NBC Weekend Today, May 24, 2008

NEW was featured on the national edition of NBC Nightly News on Sunday, May 18, 2008 and NBC Weekend Today on Saturday, May 24, 2008.

The story follows Tamara Grant, an apprentice with Plumbers Local Union 1 of New York City and a proud NEW graduate, on the job at the new Yankee Stadium.

Tamara Grant talks candidly about her life prior to NEW and how the program helped her attain financial security for her family. The piece also features Lee Zaretzky, President of Ronsco, Inc., who discusses the importance of NEW in preparing women for the skilled trades.

In addition, NBC News has also posted two web-only videos. One expands on the interview with Tamara Grant, while the other is an interview with Kelly Housser, a NEW student, who emphasizes the effect that NEW has had on her life and her newfound confidence.

You can check out their site for more information
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