Another worker hit by a car in a stop traffic zone, this time a firefighter

Unfortunately the Poughkeepsie Journal doesn't release names of those charged with misdemeanors. Now thats a stupid policy! This scum bag just couldn't wait and chose to ignore the road closure. The law just isn't good enough in this state when it comes to this type of crime.

There should be at least a minimum of 2 days in jail , and I don't know, say like 30 Points on your license, if you ignore safety officers or workers in the road who are directing traffic or closing lanes.

Better yet just kill* the scummers, these selfish bastards are impeding on our air supply.

From The Poughkeepsie Journal (6/16/08):
Police: Man angered by road closure strikes firefighter with car
LAGRANGE — A LaGrange firefighter was injured today, when an angry motorist allegedly hit him with his car as firefighters were blocking the roadway while responding to an accident.

Members of the Dutchess County Sheriff’s Office responded along with the LaGrange Fire Department for a reported one-vehicle personal injury auto accident on Noxon Road.

While investigating the accident, fire department workers alerted an on-scene deputy of a problem with a motorist.

Investigation revealed a 41-year-old man living in the area had argued with firefighters who were trying to close Noxon Road to traffic. He was apparently angry at being inconvenienced by the road closure, and allegedly sped past firefighters, striking one firefighter’s arm with the side of his car, causing minor injury.

He was arrested and charged with misdemeanor obstructing governmental administration, misdemeanor assault and failure to comply with lawful order — a violation.

He was released on an appearance ticket and is due back in court later this month.
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My comment, if it remains that is:
Post the name! What good is this story if this jacka** cannot be ridiculed and looked down upon by his friends, family and neighbors. I myself have had to stop traffic and for the most part it was to the benefit of those that were being stopped. You know keeping them out of harms way. In todays society we have so many people who believe that they are all thats important. I know I'm just a construction worker telling you not to drive under multi-ton loads being lifted by monster cranes in NYC, I can see how insignificant I must be to you. But to not obey a firefighter at the scene of an accident, who is there to help someone in need, shows how despicable a human being this unnamed individual must be. I say if they think they are soooooo important that they will decide that absolutely no one else matters, the Poughkeepsie Journal shouldn't be holding back on the name. Give it up, be journalists.
(*--Joe-just kidding you know)

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