AFL-CIO Turn around America video contest, go and vote

It's time to vote in the AFL-CIO's Turn Around America video contest. From Mike Hall at the AFL-CIO Blog (6/16/08):

The 12 finalists in the AFL-CIO’s “Turn Around America Online Video Competition have been selected. Now you can pick the winner of the contest’s Our America Award.

The dozen finalists from around the country grabbed their cameras and harnessed their creativity to answer the question: How do we “Turn Around America” in this time of a failing health care system, stumbling economy, stagnant wages, disappearing jobs and an endless war? How do we go from the wrong track to the right direction?

Click here to see the entries of the 12 finalists and then cast your vote for the video that you believe best answered the question. Votes will be counted through 5 p.m. EDT on Thursday, June 19. All winners will be announced June 24.

Here's my choice
I can't believe it, it's me.

While there were many good ones, I couldn't pass this one up, it would get my attention.
From DogfishProductions

Heres the rest
go pick your favorite

Minneapolis, MN

Bloomfield Hills, MI
Saint Paul, MN

Montclair, VA

Boston, MA

Chicago, IL

Rodeo, CA

New Hyde Park, NY

North Hollywood, CA

Brandon, FL

Chicago, IL

Cincinnati, OH

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