NY: Jackass ignores safety 'flaggers' and hits a construction worker at the Verrazano Bridge

A$$hole of the Month

Last night around 11:00PM, in a construction zone at the Verrazano Bridge toll plaza, a 26 year old Brooklyn man named Kacper Pachowicz, decided that his speedy return was so important that he would ignore the 2 workers holding flags telling drivers to stop and drive directly into the work zone. Thats the story according to law enforcement officers at the scene.

I hate assholes like this, don't they realize that there are reasons for safety flaggers? Sometimes, actually most of the time it's for their own safety. Are they soooo selfish that they can't wait?

I have done my fair share of stopping pedestrians and traffic and there are some really stupid people out there, from the I have to get to work crowd to the ones that decide they can drive around traffic cones to the oncoming lane to get to where they have to go when its obvious they have to stop.

Pachowicz wound up hitting a worker, it's too bad he didn't drive off the bridge. Miraculously the worker was not injured when he fell off the hood. It doesn't end there, Pachowicz got past the toll plaza and ignoring police lights and sirens until he was ultimately arrested and charged with second-degree reckless endangerment, resisting arrest and leaving the scene of an accident, all misdemeanors.

Original source: Staten Island Advance (5/14/08) - "Driver plows his vehicle through construction at Verrazano, cops say"

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