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So I'm gonna take a few days off, thanks for the rest people. Heres a few quick updates.

New GI Bill passes Senate

Consumers Union Collects $8,500 in first 24 hours

Consumers Union Action Fund

We raised $8,500 in just the first 24 hours.

Help us reach our goal of $15,000 by tomorrow!

Donate right now!

Dear Joseph,

This is the last chance to help keep dangerous toys and other hazardous goods out of our homes by passing strong product safety reform.

The CU Action Fund needs just $15,000 to pump up our efforts and make sure the new law really protects our loved ones.

It’s crunch time. President Bush wants a watered down compromise; we are fighting for the strongest reforms possible. Now is our best chance to stop the endless stream of dangerous imports that put all of us at risk.


Six more workers joined the week-old hunger strike by Indian guest workers Wednesday at a rally outside the Capitol to pressure Congress to support their struggle against exploitation. At the action, workers reported that hunger striker Christopher Glory was admitted to George Washington University Hospital Wednesday for dangerously low blood pressure. The workers' families and dozens of DC area activists also participated in a day-long solidarity fast Wednesday to support the campaign. Following the rally, workers and their supporters met with Congressional representatives and pressured them to hold hearings on abuses of workers under the guest worker program and ask the Department of Justice to protect the workers during an ongoing criminal anti-trafficking investigation against their former employer Signal International. A community meeting with representatives of the campaign will be held today at 7P. If the workers demands are not met, they will continue their strike outside the Capitol through Sunday, May 25 then move to Dupont Circle. Click here for ways you can support the campaign.
- report/photo by Andy Richards
More at the AFL-CIO Web Blog
Hunger Striker Hospitalized, Others Rally on Capitol Hill

Take The CWA Speed Test

Dear Joseph,

Millions of Americans—especially in rural and low-income urban areas—don’t have high-speed Internet access. Millions more who have, what we in America call, “high-speed” Internet pay much more for slower speeds than people in Europe or Japan.

How fast is your Internet access? How does your speed compare nationwide and around the globe? Are you getting what your Internet provider says you’re paying for?

Take the Communications Workers of America Speed Matters test to find out:


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