GM Finally Says Enough!

By UnionGal (Aka, Bendygirl)
General Motors said Thursday that it had agreed to give as much as $200 million to a parts supplier, American Axle and Manufacturing, to help settle a 10-week strike that has reduced or halted production at 32 G.M. factories.
About Freaking time!! Way to step up GM, way to freaking step up!! More from the New York Times
G.M. said in its filing that the deal to pay American Axle was reached recently but did not say when. A spokeswoman for American Axle, Renee Rogers, said, “This is sort of a breaking news situation. It happened very quickly.” Ms. Rogers said a deal to end the strike was not imminent but that “multiple” issues had been resolved.

Of G.M.’s cash infusion, she said, “It makes us hopeful that the parties can quickly reach an agreement to bring an end to the terribly costly and disruptive strike.”
Gee, GM, it's about time you realized how costly this strike has been. For the workers, it's been even worse as Food Pantries have run dry all over, take the report from the Toledo Blade:
Linda Crouch-Roepken, associate executive director of The Foodbank, said the strike has raised demand and lowered donations. She said the hardest hit food pantries have been AFL-CIO satellite sites, including one spot where 300 people picked up food a recent day.

"We have been able to address the need, but it has been a strain on the entire network," Crouch-Roepken said.
So, to sum this up, way to finally step up PUBLICLY GM, now Dick Dauch, stop being a freaking dickhead and let your workers return to work based on a FAIR CONTRACT. All workers should be able to put food on their tables and also into the pantries, too.
Lockhart says all the talk about pay cuts and buyouts is upsetting, but he has to prepare for the inevitable. He doesn't want a pay cut, but he also wants to go back to work.

"I guess that's what it's going to be," he said. "I refuse to stay mad and make being out here even worse."
And right now, with this GM proposal, I finally have my fingers crossed and I'm holding my breath that this might really be near the end of this strike. It's still not good enough, I'm sure it isn't good enough for Lockhart or Jerd0708 or any of the other American Axle workers out on the lines right now, but it's movement on the strike. And that to me, it's a good sign.

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