Florida: Teacher fired for "Wizardry"

No, he didn't wear anything inappropriate, didn't summon up a demon nor did he sacrifice a student. In an attempt to get his students attention, he made a toothpick disappear. Now a fellow who would probably have been a really good teacher had his job go the way of the toothpick.

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From TampaBay10.com
Land 'O Lakes, Florida -- The stories in the news about inappropriate relationships between teachers and students have been overwhelming. There was even a substitute teacher in New Port Richey who got in trouble after investigators say she had a relationship with an underage student.

Well, another Pasco County substitute teacher's job is on the line, but this time it's because of a magic trick.

The charge from the school district — Wizardry!

Substitute teacher Jim Piculas does a 30-second magic trick where a toothpick disappears then reappears.

But after performing it in front of a classroom at Rushe Middle School in Land 'O Lakes, Piculas said his job did a disappearing act of its own.

"I get a call the middle of the day from the supervisor of substitute teachers. He says, 'Jim, we have a huge issue. You can't take any more assignments. You need to come in right away,'" he said.

When Piculas went in, he learned his little magic trick cast a spell that went much farther than he'd hoped.

"I said, 'Well Pat, can you explain this to me?' 'You've been accused of wizardry,' [he said]. Wizardry?" he asked. (Read the entire story)
Wizardry, can you believe it? Now I know Florida is a tad on the backwards side, I can say that I have relatives there, but fucking wizardry?????

If the people running the schools down there are accusing teachers of wizardry I can only imagine what the students must turn out like.

Found via Code Breaker at Daily Kos
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