Are Labor Unions Too Powerful, The Myth That Won't Die

Wow, what an excellent article By David Macaray at CounterPunch (5/13/08):

Even on the face of it, the notion that American labor unions are “too powerful” is silly. In fact, it’s more than silly; it’s pathetic, really. Pathetic because there are people out there who still embrace this notion, still cling to it the way they cling to Kennedy assassination theories and the belief that something selling for $19.99 is cheaper than something selling for $20, cling to it despite staggering evidence to the contrary.

For openers, consider: There are millions of union members who don’t even have the right to strike, who don’t have the bedrock union right of withholding their labor as a “last resort” means of protesting an unacceptable contract. Who are these union members? Federal, state, county and municipal workers. They’re forbidden to strike. It’s illegal. How’s that for union “power”?

You really should check out the entire article

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