Just a quick note to my readers

Most of you are used to me writing particularly on Labor and other social issues, I have taken a little break and have been doing a bit more reading than writing, hoping to spread a lot of other sites of interest to my readers. So for the last 3 articles I posted some stuff I found.

Most of it is based on politics. Organized labor is a political structure and I mostly write about Organized labor. I try to stay as informed as possible.

I feel the more you know, the more you read, the better informed you can be in what is happening on the broad scale of things. The internet is one of the only remaining sources of independent media, with massive amounts of factual information hidden like a pin in the haystack. My job is to sift through it and try to be as factual as possible. Unfortunately, anything I write is subject to scrutiny. So please, check out when I post things and make your own informed decisions as to what the facts are. Let me know if I have something wrong. I am only as human as you are, I make mistakes.

Tomorrow is the NYC Central Labor Council Delegates meeting, I hope to hear some good news, I'll keep all of you posted.


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