The cost of food: facts and figures

From BBC News (4/8/08)

Explore the facts and figures behind the rising price of food across the globe.

Line graphs showing rising food prices 2005-07 and price rises by food type, 2007

Graphic illustrating price rises in corn, rice, soya and wheat

Bar chart of US ethanol production 1995-2016, and image of tractor in field
Rising oil prices and fears over climate change have seen a massive rise in the use of maize to make bio-fuels, pushing up food prices

Graphic showing world population growth 1950-2050
There will be billions more mouths to feed by 2050, making an increased demand for food a long-term trend

Graphic showing change in Chinese meat consumption and pressure on water resources driven by wheat and beef production

Map of global wheat production

Map showing projected change in global balance of trade
Rising prices will improve the trade balance of major food exporters, but major importers stand to see a greater deficit

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