TX, MO: Western Union screwing 640 CWA union workers in favor of non-union, Mexican and overseas operations

"Western Union is an American icon. Today, it has turned its back on the very employees who built the company into a multinational enterprise,"

A corporation is legally bound by law to show a profit to its investors at any cost. Western Union is now joining the group of corporate scum who are moving operations to the lowest bidder, who have subverted U.S. and/or Canadian wages, in favor of areas and countries with lower or almost absent labor conditions, this group includes Carhartt, Red Wing boots, Hersheys, Mens Wearhouse and so many others.

Found this on CWA Local 6377 website (3/21/08):
CWA Slams Western Union Plan to Close U.S. Facilities

CWA is condemning Western Union Financial Services Inc., for its announced plans to close three facilities in Missouri and Texas and shift that work to non-union and overseas operations.

Some 640 workers in Dallas, Texas, and Bridgeton and St. Charles, Missouri, members of CWA Locals 6377 and 6178, were told they will lose their jobs over the next five months.

"It's apparent to me that Western Union has determined that it would prefer to operate as a union-free enterprise," said District 6 Vice President Andy Milburn.

"CWA will do everything legally possible to stop these centers from closing and stop Western Union from moving our work to non-union operations, both in the United States and overseas," said CWA Staff Representative Mike Neumann, who heads the Western Union bargaining team.

Last month, CWA Local 6377 filed unfair labor practice charges with the National Labor Relations Board against Western Union, charging that company managers have tried to coerce union members and subvert the bargaining process. The local also charged that earlier layoffs announced by Western Union – of 150 workers in Bridgeton and Dallas – were an act of retaliation against the workers and the union for refusing to engage in concessionary early bargaining.

Western Union said it plans to transfer the work to non-union locations including Denver and offshore facilities in Costa Rica, Manila, Mexico City and Mexicali, Mexico.

"Western Union is an American icon. Today, it has turned its back on the very employees who built the company into a multinational enterprise," said Earline Jones, president of CWA Local 6377.

Olivia Espinosa, president of CWA Local 6178 in Dallas, said "Western Union is a greedy, profitable company that doesn't seem to care about the excellent customer service our CWA members now provide. And that's bad news for customers."
Thats bad news for American Workers


Unknown said...

In 2005, the CWA Union turned it's back on the Avaya work force as 300Customer Systems Engineers were laid off. They did nothing to help us get into other union jobs with AT&T or Verizon, in fact, some of us tried to hire on at AT&T and were told, by the union, that we weren't qualified. That was to install DSL!! I had 21 years and got nothing from "my union". CWA sucks! They sold us out and they'll sell out the Verizon brothers and sisters as well.

Anonymous said...

Joe, you are right. The CWA has sold us out at Verizon. I am in local 6132 and the company plans to lay all of us off. Verizon did find jobs for us in local 6171 Central office jobs but the 6171 local says the CO jobs are for their members only and they refuse to let us join their local. CWA district 6 will not even respond to multiple e-mails to help resolve these issues. Same company same union same work and we are treated as contractors with multiple CWA brothers filing greviances against us when we try and work. The CWA our union will cost us all our jobs.

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