Boston: Stand with IBEW and CWA on March 13th in a practice picket against Verizon

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In 143 days the Verizon contract with IBEW Local 2222 workers is set to expire, with the recent misdeeds towards Verizon worker in that area, Verizon's union employees are expecting the worst.

Need we remind you of the returning veteran Terry Skiest flag incident. You know the one where Verizon who was terrified of labor organizers literature being hung in a non-union workplace, that they took three time vet Mr.Skiest's USA and Massachusetts's flag down from the public area and a manager claimed that it "could be considered to be propaganda" and "might be offensive to some workers.". I have wrote on this already and you can read more and take action at PutUpTheFlag.org, this just three months ago, two National Labor Relations Board regional directors charged Verizon Business with "interfering with, restraining and coercing employees in the exercise of the rights" to join a union.

Needless to say Verizon is not a friend of the worker, so in preparation of hard fighting negotiation's leading to the contract expiration on Aug. 2nd 2008, The joint IBEW/CWA T6 Mobilization Team is hitting the streets this Thursday March 13th. in a practice picket. You can read about it and download the PDF flyer at IBEW local 2222's Website: Verizon - You Will Hear Us Now

Big thanks to the AFL-CIO's Communications Coordinator, Rand Wilson for bring us (UnionReview,AFL-CIO Weblog,etc.) news of this and all communication matters that deal with workers and communities.

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