American Axle story response, what is it going to take? to get things back on track in this country?

700 page hits today, a new record for Joe's Union Review, we had OSHA visit checking out the petition and the stories that point to it, we had HealthNet checking out the story about how they lost $9 million to a woman they cut off with cancer, but heres one of the most important ones.

Found a link to my site regarding the American Axle strike, followed it and found some people's reactions to whats going on with the workers, firstly I was kinda pissed to see so much anti-union stuff around the net which portrayed these workers as $70 an hour workers. As far as I can tell they mad $23-$24 at top pay. The $60-70 is something to do with benefit packages., that is in line with the health care industry doubling the rates of insurance within the past few years. So the story I came across had a fellow named mrsleeve and he asked a question in his disgust of what is happening to us here in this country. So I registered and had to say something, something that has been on my mind for a while. Here goes from The Diesel Place:

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What is it going to take??? to get things back on track in this country???? I hate news like this.
Hi. MrSleeve, and everyone else for that matter.

It takes people who are so pissed off that all the dreams of ALL American workers, union, nonunion, blue collar, white collar, bus drivers, pilots, mechanics, soup kitchen workers, teachers, bank tellers, truck drivers, computer programmers, Wall Street workers, etc., are fading away. It's time to to realize that there is a War on the American worker. Once we realize that we are all in jeopardy, once we realize that we are all just one step away from being broke, once we realize that these multi-national corporations have the politicians in their pockets, have the media as one of its own, give us our choices on who we can vote for. When we realize all of this, we can overcome our separatist ways which are further beaten into us through divisions between race, language, citizenship, politics, etc, we then can focus on what make us similar, what makes us all the opponents on this very War against the American worker i speak of. When together we can focus our energies onto corporate and political responsibility, holding those that poison us, get corporate welfare and using our tax monies for their dire means, and flourish above the laws of our nation and all of mankind for the lowest price and the highest profits for such a small few. That my friend is what it is going to take. If we do not band together before it is to late, even I fear the worst.

For now I just have a website, please feel free to say hello.

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iamslick said...

Wow, it is about time someone had a site that spoke the truth about what is going on in America. As a former Delphi worker (22 years) I support the strike at American Axle. When is the unions going to wake up and join forces and have a national strike against this country. This is the only way we can wake up this country. I watched my job leave this country slowly to places like India, Poland and Mexico. I helped finance this move through pay freazes and other cuts. So any time a company wants pay cuts just say no.

Joe638NYC said...

Thanks for the comment, I also lost my job in a warehouse that moved to a different state with no union, now I just learned that Western Union is getting rid of its union jobs.

I am all for a 1 day strike against TV, which is owned by only 6 corporations.

I think a national one day strike is something the labor federations will not call for, in fear of repercussions.

The west coast Longshoreman's union has called a May 1st. strike against the war in Iraq.

keep posting my friend, if you want to write something here send me a message, I'll add you as an author.

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